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Coldago Map 2023 for File Storage

Segmented in 3 categories: enterprise, high performance and cloud file storage

Coldago Research produced its Map 2023 for File Storage ($7,990), its 5th report on the topic. Again the firm has chosen to split the study in 3 categories with Enterprise, High Performance and Cloud File Storage. In total it represents a study of 29 distinct companies during the past 12 months.

This study summarizes identified market trends and anticipates future directions, it also (re)introduces various conventions and definitions about different approaches, technologies and products developments and orientations. It also insists on criteria and methodologies used to select vendors and to produce this report, the Coldago Map, the Coldago Index, features tables and various segmentations and other market considerations.

Acquisitions made by some players are included, it is the case for Hammerspace who acquired Rozo Systems. And of course, the report continues to consider IBM with Red Hat.

As usual, the Map is divided in 4 categories: Leaders, Challengers, Specialists and Niches.

These 29 active distinct vendors selected in this study are by alpha order:

  • Enterprise File Storage (EFS): DDN, Dell, Huawei, IBM, iXsystems, Microsoft, NetApp, Pure Storage, Qumulo, SUSE and Vast Data. Huawei has joined this year this category.
  • High Performance File Storage (HPFS): DDN, Dell, Fujitsu, Hammerspace, HPE, Huawei, IBM, NEC, Panasas, Pure Storage, Quantum, Qumulo, Quobyte, ThinkParQ, Vast Data and Weka. Hammerspace is the only new one here.
  • Cloud File Storage (CFS): AWS, Cohesity, CTera Networks, Egnyte, Hammerspace, LucidLink, Microsoft, Nasuni, NetApp, Panzura, Peer Software and Tiger Technology. Five players have been removed: Buurst, Juicedata, Morro Data, ObjectiveFS and XenData.

All of these vendors design, build and sell various file storage solutions with a pure software, appliance approach based on proprietary or open source models.

This 2023 edition presents leaders in each of these 3 categories with some real evolutions and changes in terms of positions since 2022.

By alpha order, these leaders are:

  • for EFS: Dell, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Pure Storage and Vast Data,
  • for HPFS: DDN, Dell, Huawei, IBM, Pure Storage, Qumulo, Vast Data and Weka
  • for CFS: CTera Networks, Nasuni and Panzura.

The list of vendors to watch in 2024 in the 3 categories are: CTera Networks, DDN, Hammerspace, Huawei, Nasuni, Pure Storage, Quantum, Qumulo, Vast Data and Weka.

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