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Acronis Welcomes Nexus IT

As new #TeamUp partner for NBA Utah Jazz basketball team

Acronis, Inc. announced its latest Acronis #TeamUp partnership with the Utah Jazz, which will be supported by Nexus IT, a provider of IT support and solutions.

Acronis Welcomes Nexus It As New #teamup Partner For The Utah Jazz Basketball Team

Nexus IT will deliver Acronis’ suite of cyber protection solutions to safeguard the NBA team’s data and systems.

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Nexus IT through the Acronis #TeamUp Program,” said Chris Barney, chief commercial officer, Utah Jazz. “This collaboration will help us continue to improve our organization’s performance, streamline operations and continue to empower technological advancements at the Utah Jazz.

The Acronis #TeamUp program offers MSPs an opportunity to partner with global sports teams to keep their data safe. All organizations with a digital footprint need an integrated approach to cyber protection. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud paired with the Advanced Backup pack enables MSPs to extend cloud backup capabilities their clients require to proactively protect their data.

In teaming up with Nexus IT, we’re driving forth a shared commitment to IT excellence and cyber protection,” said Pat Hurley, RVP Americas, Acronis. “Acronis is ready to bring on another team to our extensive roster of sports partners. The Utah Jazz celebrate their 50th season this year which is a great accomplishment. We’re proud to be their partners and ready to set them up for a future of cyber protection success.

As the Acronis #TeamUp delivery partner, Nexus IT plays a pivotal role in collaborating directly with the Utah Jazz IT department. The partnership delivers IT solutions, ensuring robust data protection, and enhancing overall operational efficiency for the Jazz organization.

Joining the Acronis #TeamUp program aligns with our commitment to provide best-in-class managed services and IT support,” said Earl Foote, CEO, Nexus IT. “Acronis’ innovative cyber protection solutions enable us to deliver unparalleled data security to the Utah Jazz. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of sports and data management.

Service providers are invited to join the Acronis #TeamUp program to deliver Acronis Cyber Protection solutions to professional sports teams.

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