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Western Digital iNAND AT EU552 UFS 3.1 Embedded Flash Drives ASPICE CL3 Certification

To meet needs of automotive industry

More than mere modes of transportation, today’s software-defined vehicles are a result of the ongoing transformation of the automobile from a product that is mainly hardware-based to a software-centric device on wheels.

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Premium vehicles today can have up to 150 million lines of software code, distributed among hundreds of electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, cameras, Lidar and more.

It is critical for automotive OEMs to ensure the quality and reliability of these software-intensive systems. Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) is an industry-standard guideline for evaluating the automotive embedded software development process. This ISO/IEC 15504 standard proves the software and development capabilities of automotive suppliers and manufacturers meet OEM requirements and incorporate best practices throughout the automotive software development cycle.

With its iNAND AT EU552 UFS 3.1 embedded flash drives, Western Digital Corp. is one of the 1st storage manufacturers to achieve ASPICE CL3 (level 3) for a storage device. ASPICE CL3 moves beyond the ‘Managed’ CL2 tier to ‘Established’ at CL3, reflecting a level of maturity where processes are well-defined, standardized and actively managed. In order to achieve ASPICE CL3 certification, the development of the iNAND AT EU552 UFS 3.1 had to begin with ASPICE in mind from day one.

Fueling future of smart, connected cars
This ASPICE CL3 certification adds to Western Digital’s foundation of innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products for the automotive industry. With decades of expertise in the flash storage industry, company’s full portfolio of automotive-grade NAND storage products – from eMMC and UFS to upcoming BGA SSDs – meets the evolving and dynamic needs of automotive customers who are creating smarter, more feature-rich cars.

This portfolio of automotive-grade iNAND products also feature 100% device capacity pre-loading before surface mount technology (SMT), which reduces complexity and costs in customers’ manufacturing flows. Across its automotive portfolio, the manufacturer also meets the functional safety standard for the International Organization for Standardization ISO 26262 Adherence, complies with Automotive Electric Council AEC Q100/104, and is IATF 16949 Certified through the International Automotive Task Force, to name a few.

This CL3 achievement reinforces our dedication to meeting and exceeding the stringent requirements of the automotive industry,” said Eric Spanneut, VP, client and enterprise SSDs, flash business unit, Western Digital. “Our strong presence in the market and our growing portfolio is a testament to our innovation and commitment to providing solutions that help redefine the future of automobiles. As a trusted partner, we’re dedicated to meeting the highest level of quality, safety, and efficiency for automotive customers WW.