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Viavi Xgig Exerciser Approved for CXL 1.1 Gold Suite Compliance Testing

Certification will allow to be included on CXL v1.1 and 2.0 integrators list.

Viavi Solutions Inc. announced that the Xgig CXL Exerciser has been recognized as a CXL 1.1 Gold device by the Compute Express Link (CXL) Consortium.

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Xgig Exerciser Cxl V11 V20 Screenshot1
With this approval, the Xgig CXL Exerciser can now qualify CXL devices’ protocol implementations for the CXL Integrators List.

CXL technology supports the evolution of emerging high-speed computing applications, and certification is critical to successful product rollouts,” said Tom Fawcett, SVP and GM, lab and production, Viavi. “This approval allows our Xgig CXL Exerciser to be used not only for lab development and testing, but also for certification of devices at CXL Compliance Workshops.

As AI, ML and other HPC technologies evolve, the demand for faster and more efficient data transfer methods will grow. CXL is an interconnect technology that optimizes data flow between a CPU and its peripherals such as accelerators, memory buffers and smart input/output devices. Designed for cache-coherent interconnects and memory expansion, it ensures that these devices access and transfer data with the speed and efficiency required by these demanding applications.

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Xgig Exerciser Cxl V11 V20 Screenshot2

Micron’s collaboration with Viavi Solutions has enabled the CXL validation ecosystem and bolstered CZ120 CXL protocol compliance. Viavi Xgig software and hardware solutions and early engagement with Micron have played a vital role in maturing CXL protocol compliance tests,” said Siva Makineni, VP, advanced memory systems, Micron Technology, Inc. “We rely on the accuracy of Viavi testing equipment to validate Micron’s CXL product line. The Xgig CXL Exerciser’s Gold Suite certification will allow us to be included on the CXL v1.1 and 2.0 Integrators List.

Standards compliance is integral to the mission of our organization,” said Jim Pappas, chairman, CXL Consortium. “The Xgig CXL Exerciser has met all requirements to conduct CXL 1.1 protocol testing for companies or products seeking CXL Compliance. We look forward to Viavi’s continued support for our ecosystem and participation in our upcoming compliance events.”

The company participated in the official CXL Compliance Test Event 003 in January. It will be exhibiting its portfolio of CXL solutions at the CXL Developers’ Conference from April 30–May 1, 2024 in Santa Clara, CA.

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