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Ascomp Synchredible V.8.2 Software Data Synchronization and Backup for Windows Users


Ascomp Software GmbH announces Synchredible Version 8.2.

Ascomp Synchredible V.8.2

This version of this proven Windows software offers users a simple and efficient way to synchronize, copy, and back up files, folders, and entire drives.

Synchredible 8.2 stands out for its user-friendliness and features. The software has been designed to simplify the complex process of data synchronization, providing users of all experience levels with an experience.

Ascomp Synchredible V.8.2 Screen 01

Key features of Synchredible V.8.2 include:

  • Easy operation: The software features an user interface that allows users to synchronize, copy or back up files and folders with a few clicks. Even beginners will find the operation straightforward and easy to learn. 

  • Synchronization options: V.8.2 offers a variety of synchronization options, including bidirectional synchronization, one-way synchronization, and scheduled synchronization. This flexibility enables users to match their data precisely to their requirements. 

  • Automation: With the automated synchronization feature, users can schedule regular backup tasks to ensure that their data is always up to date and protected.

Ascomp Synchredible V.8.2 Screen 03

“We are excited to launch Synchredible Version 8.2,” said Andreas Stroebel, CEO. “With this new version, we have focused on improving user-friendliness while providing powerful new features for data backup and synchronization. We are confident that Synchredible 8.2 will meet the needs of our customers by offering them a simple and efficient solution for synchronizing, copying, and backing up their data.”

Synchredible Version 8.2 is available on the firm’s website. For personal use, the free standard edition is available for download. It occasionally displays an advertisement window, which is omitted in the paid full version available for business use (Price starting from $39.90).

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