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4Q23 SSD Units Drop 5% to 88 Million

Exabytes rise 9.6% to 85EB for quarter, 2% to 284EB Y/Y for 2023.

Analysts from Trendfocus, Inc. published on February 14, 2024 a report, NAND/SSD Information Service 4CQ23 Quarterly Update – Executive Summary.

4Q23 SSD Units Drop 5% to 88.2 Million,
Exabytes Rise 9.6% to 85.1EB
284EB of SSDs for 2023, Up 2% Y/Y

2023 NAND bit shipments rise 25% to 779EB, enterprise SSD shipments solid in 4Q23

• Client modules eased slightly for the quarter declining 6.0% in units and 2.7% in exabytes sequentially to 72.52 million units and 49.35EB.
• SAS SSDs posted a solid 33.5% unit and 24.1% exabyte increase, reaching 0.937 million units and 3.205EB as some OEMs purchased ahead for the coming year.
• Enterprise SATA units and exabytes also increased, with sequential units up 5.9% to 3.542 million SSDs and capacity shipments also increasing 16.7% to 4.818EB.
• Enterprise PCle had the strongest growth of all enterprise segments with units increasing 42.4% to 5.362 million units, and exabytes totaling 23.098EB, an even more impressive increase of 57.6% Q/Q.
• Total NAND bit shipments rose 12.9% Q/Q to 231.87EB, with eSSD exabytes taking a higher percentage share as cSSD declined, while mobile and gaming held flat Q/Q.

4Q23 SSD Market Share, by Supplier, Units (million), Exabytes

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