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Teamgroup Upcoming MagSafe-Compatible PD20M Magnetic Portable USB Type-C SSD

Weighing 40g and measuring 0.82cm

Team Group Inc. announced the MagSafe-compatible PD20M magnetic external/portable SSD.

Teamgroup Pd20m Ssd Intro

It is one of the lightest and thinnest MagSafe-related products. Weighing 40g and measuring 0.82cm, it is easy to grip and take on the go. User can attach it to a mobile device without any additional accessories, and its curved design allows user to comfortably hold it in hands.

PD20M SSD front and rear

Teamgroup Pd20m Ssd 1

The PD20M SSD has a magnetic strength of over 0.8kg, making it able to snap on a mobile device instantly. The stylish and portable design allows users to store valuable data on their phones in a variety of situations. This SSD uses the USB Type-C interface and is compatible with most devices that use it. These include the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (1) smartphones, which have a maximum transfer speed of 10Gb/s. Able to store data in a flash, the PD20M delivers performance and convenience, making it a solution for expanding storage capacity.

The PD20M External SSD is scheduled to be released in March.

(1) Apple-related product names are used to provide a better understanding of the product. Apple, iPhone, and other related names are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.