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Markets of HDD Recording Heads and Rigid Disk Platters Plunged Y/Y 32% and 33% Respectively

Results of decrease of HDDs produced

Magnetic disk heads and platters are the main components of HDDs (with motors and interface), that’s why their markets is directly depending on the HDD market.

Below are the markets of head gimbal assembly (HGA) and substrate shipments in 4CQ23 according to Trendfocus Inc.

Signs of improved HDD demand begin to lift HGA shipments in 4CQ23
Hga Trendfocus

For the year, total HGA shipments plunged 32% Y/Y to 990.85 million units. Here there is is only one independent manufacturer, SAE/TDK, the 2 others ones being captive Seagate and WD.

Early signs of HDD recovery begin to lift media, substrate shipments in 4CQ23
Trendfocus Media

For the year, total media shipments plunged 33% Y/Y to 493 million units. Here there is also only one independent manufacturer, Resonac, the 2 others ones being once more captive Seagate and WD.