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Spectra Logic Extends Object-Based Tape Tier to NetApp StorageGRID

On-premises tape storage solution offers Amazon S3 Glacier-compatible option for cold data storage with savings compared to public cloud.

Spectra Logic Corp. has validated its On-Prem Glacier solutions for deployment in NetApp StorageGRID object-based storage environments.

Spectra Logic S3 Object Based Tape Tier For Storagegrid

This combination creates a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure optimized for preserving large amounts of data over extended periods of time. With this solution, inactive data may be tiered to object-based tape storage, providing scalability, robust security and substantial cost savings compared to public cloud options.

Spectra On-Prem Glacier is an object-based tape solution that provides performant, cost-effective backup and archive storage using standard Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier APIs. Native support for Amazon S3 protocols in StorageGRID allows Spectra On-Prem Glacier storage to be inserted into existing workflows. On-Prem Glacier solutions improve ransomware resiliency and minimize cloud data retrieval, reducing or eliminating expensive egress fees. The combined solution is for management and long-term retention of unstructured data at scale.

The Spectra On-Prem Glacier solution provides NetApp StorageGRID customers with the ability to add a Glacier tier configured with object-based tape to extend the capacity and reduce the costs of their long-term on-prem object storage,” said Vishnu Vardhan, director, product management for object storage, NetApp. “The validated integration gives organizations more flexibility in how they store their data, especially archives and back-up that are not in active use. By combining both technologies, our customers can get both the agility of flash and the longevity of tape to help ensure their data is always ready when they need it.”

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Spectra Logic On Prem Glacier SchemeSpectra On-Prem Glacier benefits include:

  • Optimized cold data retrieval speeds with better performance than cold cloud tiers

  • Superior cybersecurity and ransomware protection with data immutability, encryption in flight and at rest, and air-gapped storage

  • Increased data control; enabling easy compliance with governance, sovereignty and retention requirements

  • Increased sustainability with technology options that minimize energy consumption

  • Cost savings; up to two-thirds less cost than comparable cold cloud storage

We’re excited that NetApp has validated Spectra On-Prem Glacier for use by StorageGRID customers. Spectra Logic is delivering an innovative on-premises solution to manage and optimize storage for long-term data retention,” said Chris Bukowski, senior manager, product marketing, Spectra Logic. “We recognize the significance of the increasing costs of storing data in the cloud. This integration provides a valuable new option for reducing cloud data retrieval and accompanying egress fees, while scaling to near-limitless capacity with less complexity.

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