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Alcion for Partners Program

To accelerate and modernize MSPs’ Microsoft 365 backup business

Alcion, Inc. launches of Alcion for Partners – a MSP partner program, designed to empower MSPs with improved account visibility and problem solving capabilities.

The program aims to accelerate and modernize MSPs’ Microsoft 365 backup business while reducing management and procurement toil. By providing a security-oriented backup offering with simplified licensing, consolidated billing, and a new partner portal, MSPs and partners can monitor and manage multiple accounts from a single pane of glass.
This offering comes on the heels of increased demand for Alcion’s AI-driven, security first solution, as more migrations from on-prem to Microsoft 365 in the cloud drive MSPs and end customers to harden cyber resilience and upgrade from existing data protection solutions. Since Alcion’s Series A funding round was announced last September, the start-up has grown over 10x with new customers in 15 countries across 6 continents.
By offering a comprehensive solution that not only secures client data against emerging threats but also simplifies administrative tasks, we are freeing up MSPs to focus on expanding their client base and services,” said Niraj Tolia, CEO and co-founder.
Some of the core features and benefits of the program for firm’s partners include:
AI-Driven Security and Backup: Company’s platform is powered by AI-driven technology, which allows MSPs to offer a differentiated service offering, access a fully integrated partner portal, and deliver a cutting-edge product to their clients. 
Zero Commitment: Given firm’s strong belief in the value provided by their platform, the vendor is offering all partners the ability to start using Alcion without long-term or upfront commitment, allowing MSPs to engage in the program with minimal risk. 
Simplified Monthly Consolidated Billing: The firm offers MSP partners usage-based consolidated billing with simplified, pay-as-you-go monthly licensing, and instant license procurement. This lowers license management overhead, provides a holistic view of cross-client usage, and reduces financial risk. 
Multi-Tenant Management: The Partner Portal offers MSPs a unified way to monitor all their clients through a single, intuitive interface. Additionally, MSPs can use the portal to administer each customer account through delegated access without the need to manage independent credentials.  
Dedicated Partner Support: The vendor provides comprehensive pre- and post-sales support, ensuring MSP partners can deploy Alcion with confidence knowing a responsive and partner-focused support team is ready to jump in, if required. 
Self-Service and Ease-of-Use: With firm’s instant self-provisioning, tenant onboarding completion within minutes, AI-driven automation, and a highly reliable data protection engine, MSPs can reduce the time and effort required to set up and manage backups for multiple clients, all without the need for any training.  
Alcion has been a game-changer for us,” said Sheldon Mitchell at TechTame, an Australian MSP. “Its user-friendly interface and efficient setup have streamlined our operations, allowing us to focus on delivering top-tier, personalized IT services to our clients. Alcion has also significantly enhanced our data security and backup management, reinforcing our commitment to reliability and trust.