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SoftIron HyperCloud Delivers Private Cloud Improving Scalability, Performance and User Experience

Alternatives to VMware in wake of Broadcom acquisition, changing fuel bigger and more challenging workloads

SoftIron Ltd. announced new functionality aimed at enterprise, government, and MSP users WW.

Softiron 2431

These enhancements allow users to enjoy the same advantages of public cloud in their own on-premises infrastructure.

Since our initial launch in 2023, SoftIron has seen customer adoption in life sciences, education, manufacturing, and government,” said Jason Van der Schyff, COO. “As early customers push the private cloud envelope, we’ve increased performance in nearly every area.

1st true private cloud
76% of enterprises are trying to run private cloud. However, existing solutions fail to deliver the true cloud experience customers are used to with the public cloud. The company’s HyperCloud delivers the 1st true private cloud with purpose-built infrastructure designed to deliver the same cloud experience enterprises desire, such as:

  • Ready-to-run. Installing HyperCloud takes a half rack and a half day, after which users enjoy a fully functional private cloud.
  • Full cloud scalability. HyperCloud can scale all aspects of their cloud independently and without limit. This includes compute, storage, networking, and so on.
  • Cloud elasticity. HyperCloud nodes can be added or removed at will, and HyperCloud automatically reconfigures and redistributes workloads, storage, etc.
  • Deploys and manages like a true cloud. HyperCloud supports easy-to-use portals or API-driven ‘Infrastructure-as-Code’ deployment. Customers can make full use of tools like HashiCorp Terraform or SUSE Rancher to maintain their private cloud instantiations.
  • Multi-tenancy. HyperCloud offers secure multi-tenancy to ensure that workloads from different tenants (whether within or outside your organization) aren’t visible to each other.

Upgraded compute
The company has added new nodes that allow customers to tackle tougher workloads:

  • 64-Core/128-Thread AMD EPYC compute nodes
  • NVIDIA-based GPU intelligence nodes
  • Socionext-based ASIC intelligence nodes

Upgraded storage
To allow for smoother and more scalability, the firm has broadened its portfolio of storage nodes:

  • Density (HDD) storage 48, 72, 120, 144, 216 and 240TB
  • Performance (SSD) storage 56 and 112TB
  • Performance+ (NVMe) storage 26 and 52TB

Upgraded interconnect
The company adds 3 new interconnect nodes to handle tomorrow’s faster workloads:

  • 1GbE management interconnects
  • 25GbE high-speed interconnects
  • 100GbE spline interconnects

The VMware acquisition by Broadcom and their subsequent moves are forcing many VMware users to re-evaluate their use of this technology,” said Rob Hough, CEO, Etage Ltd. (reseller). “Enterprises need to consider the right strategy forward for a world where new applications, designed to run on cloud-native infrastructure, are the new normal – including on-premises. Being able to offer our customers choice through partnerships with the likes of SoftIron has ensured we are seamlessly positioned to help our clients navigate these challenging times.