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Asustor Adds WORM Technology to Prevent Modification of Data on NAS

To shared folder to provide additional layer of protection for important data

Asustor, Inc. continues its commitment to protect data security inside a company’s NAS with the introduction of WORM, a technology that helps prevent modification of data.

Asustor Worm Nas

This means that once data has been written, it can be read, but not modified and was introduced in ADM 4.2.6 NAS OS. Apply WORM to a shared folder to provide an additional layer of protection for important data. WORM shared folders can prevent partial or complete modification of important data within a set retention period to comply with various regulatory standards for data retention and ensure that valuable data such as IP rights and business secrets are protected from unauthorized tampering, including, but not limited to attacks from malware.

Once a WORM shared folder is set to the most stringent standard, named ‘Compliance Mode’, files within the set retention period cannot be tampered with and deleted, the volume where the shared folder is located cannot be removed, and the NAS cannot be reinitialized. Industries like finance and medical require the use of immutable data storage to enhance security while Governance Mode folders can help enterprises meet relevant security certifications to comply with legal regulations.

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ADM 4.2.6 also introduces the risk list. The risk list will be able to record suspicious IPs, compare them through the AbuseIPDB database and filter suspicious IPs to prevent high-risk IPs from connecting to NAS. ADM’s multiple active protection mechanisms can help reduce the risk of attacks, prevent data leakage, unauthorized tampering or malicious encryption, thereby protecting the integrity of important data and ensuring corporate information security.

WORM system requirements: AS52, 53, 54, Lockerstor, Lockerstor Gen2, Lockerstor Pro, Flashstor NAS.

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