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Embracing Future of Data Resiliency with IBM Storage Defender 2.0

Data resiliency solution

Ibm Himanshu SharmaBy Himanshu Sharma, development lead, IBM Storage Defender, IBM ISDL



IBM Storage Defender 2.0 stands as a cutting-edge data resiliency service, engineered to tackle the escalating threats of cyberattacks and data breaches in our rapidly evolving digital world.

Ibm Storage Defender Intro

This service is designed to offer comprehensive protection and expedited recovery for both primary and secondary workloads, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to handle the complexities of modern cybersecurity threats.

Addressing contemporary cybersecurity terrain
In an era where cyber threats and data breaches are increasingly common, the need for data protection solutions has never been more critical. The IBM Security’s 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report highlights a staggering average cost of $4.35 million per data breach, emphasizing the urgent need for effective cybersecurity measures. IBM Storage Defender 2.0 steps up to this challenge, providing an all-encompassing solution for end-to-end data protection and cyber resilience, crucial for safeguarding organizations against and aiding recovery from potential data breaches.

Evolutionary leap: From IBM Storage Defender 1.0 to 2.0

Advancements in data resiliency:
The transition from IBM Storage Defender 1.0 to 2.0 signifies a momentous stride in data resilience capabilities. The introduction of the Data Resiliency Service (DRS) alongside the established Data Management Service (DMS) marks a pivotal advancement in the software’s capacity to safeguard and administer data more proficiently.

Comprehensive approach to malware detection and recovery
Integrated malware detection and restoration features:

  • Enhanced connection management and inventory: The Connection Manager, strategically deployed in customer data centers, establishes a secure linkage to DRS and accumulates crucial metadata. This information, encompassing supported workloads such as VMware and Data Protect clusters, forms a comprehensive inventory utilized by DRS for effective monitoring and data resiliency management.

  • Innovative malware sensor and trust index: The Malware Sensor, strategically deployed on resources such as VMs, plays a crucial role in the early detection of malware activities.

  • Robust recovery group and resource management: In the wake of a malware detection, the Recovery Group becomes the focal point of the restoration process.

  • Streamlined automated restoration process: The initiation of an automated restoration process upon threat detection is a key feature.

  • Proactive and reactive security measures: IBM Storage Defender 2.0 employs both proactive scanning for malware and rapid response mechanisms to any identified threats.

Conclusion: IBM Storage Defender 2.0 – your shield in cybersecurity battleground
It emerges as an essential tool in the cybersecurity arsenal, combining components for malware detection with data restoration capabilities. This synergy alerts organizations to cyber threats and also ensures rapid data recovery, thus fortifying organizations against the consequences of cyberattacks. With its ease of access and expert support, IBM Storage Defender 2.0 is a cornerstone solution in the realm of data resiliency and cybersecurity.