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2024 Predictions of Seagate

Data-hungry AI to compel data centres, gains in HAMR, HDDs to continue to play pivotal role in cloud storage

Teh SeagateAs an industry expert with over 28 years of experience, Seagate Technology’s chief commercial officer B.S. Teh, predicts that, in 2024:


• Data-hungry AI will compel data centres and winning enterprises toward high-density hard drive storage to futureproof their data value by saving raw data sets as well as insights produced by AI and LLM processing.
• Significant gains in HAMR technology will empower data centres to refresh their fleets of lower-capacity drives with higher-capacity alternatives.
• HDDs will continue to play a pivotal role in cloud data storage, as the value gap between HDDs and flash storage continues to hold strong in the hard disk’s favour.