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Adata Industrial SATA 31D Series Up to 2TB Industrial-Grade SSDs with 112-Layer 3D TLC Flash

Including 2.5-inch ISSS31D, M.2 2280 IM2S31D8, and M.2 2242 IM2S31D4 SSDs

Adata Industrial released its SATA 31D series of industrial-grade SSDs including 2.5-inch ISSS31D, M.2 2280 IM2S31D8, and M.2 2242 IM2S31D4, designed for retail terminals and embedded systems.

Adata Industrial Sata 31d Ssd Intro

The SATA 31D series of industrial-grade SSDs utilize 112-layer 3D TLC flash memory developed by WDC, boasting a P/E Cycle of 3,000 which is comparable to MLC. It also offers a variety of thin and compact mainstream specs such as SATA 2.5-inch, M.2 2280, M.2 2242, and various capacity options from 128GB to 2TB. 112-layer 3D NAND (BiCS5) 31D series SSDs support thermal throttling technology, which reduces SSD transmission performance in stages to effectively mitigate the risk of data damage due to overheating. Furthermore, a LDPC ECC error correction mechanism and End-to-End Data Protection technology ensure reliable data transfer and improve data integrity. The 31D series is for POS systems, information kiosks, digital signage, and embedded equipment.

Adata Industrial Sata 31d Ssd Scheme

The company is aware that POS systems in the retail industry have high requirements for reliability and stability. The firm’s SATA 31D series industrial-grade SSDs only utilize components and integrated firmware to ensure that system stability is not affected by environmental factors. Since fast operation is an additional critical indicator among smart retail and POS systems, the company introduced SLC Cache caching technology which uses flash memory to improve the stability of random RW operations while simultaneously ramping up instant RW performance to cope with large-volume data transmission and high concurrent data flow.

At present, the firm’s SATA 31D series industrial-grade SSDs have been put into mass production and have been introduced into leading POS machines and by touch screen computer manufacturers at home and abroad. Through verification and testing by its customers, the company have achieved performance indicators that demonstrate the capacity for stable long-term around the clock operation. It will leverage its technological advantages to continue providing professional, stable, efficient, and durable industrial-grade storage solutions to AI smart retail, industrial-grade computer, industrial tablet, medical equipment, and other manufacturers.

2.5-inch ISSS31D SSD


Adata Ssd 2.5inch Ssd Isss31d 3d Tlc

Adata Isss31d 25 Ssd P1Adata Isss31d 25 Ssd P2

M.2 2280 IM2S31D8 SSD

Addata Ssd Im2s31d8 1

Adata Im2s31d8 M2 2280 Ssd P1

Adata Im2s31d8 M2 2280 Ssd P2

M.2 2242 IM2S31D4 SSD

Adata Ssd Im2s31d4 Front

Adata Ssd Im2s31d4 M2 2242 P1Adata Ssd Im2s31d4 M2 2242 P2

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