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From Xopero, Technology Eliminating Up to 80% of DevOps Data Loss Cases

GitProtect.io backup and recovery software vendor for DevOps ecosystems (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Jira) officially announced Jira Granular Restore.

By Xopero Software SA

Data loss costs millions of dollars, and the cost depends on the value of the data itself.

Bdr Jira3Loss of source code, Jira project data, and intellectual property of some code-oriented companies might cause collapse and bankruptcy. While businesses of all kinds are increasingly defined by their software, protecting project data is synonymous with protecting the company itself.

GitProtect.io, a data backup, and recovery software vendor for DevOps ecosystems (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Jira) announced Jira Granular Restore for better data management and avoiding data loss due to accidental deletions, common pitfalls, and human mistakes. This should eliminate up to 80% of Jira data loss cases.

Bdr Jira2Why backup Jira data?
Hardly anyone has not heard about the biggest Atlassian failure so far, which deprived nearly 800 users of access to their data for over 2 weeks. The reason behind it was a maintenance script that accidentally wiped hundreds of customer sites due to communication issues between 2 Atlassian teams working on deactivating a legacy app.

Surprising? Not really. According to Harvard Business Review, 80% of cyber security incidents result from human error. The question that every executive should ask himself is what his employees can do with the data in Jira Cloud since even Atlassian’s teams allowed such a disaster to occur, and what consequences it may bring for business. Finally, is there any way to avoid such failure?

First step into security – know your responsibilities
As of June 30, 2023, Atlassian had 262,337 active paying customers WW. This number does not include free or starter product users. Although the company makes every effort to communicate its shared responsibility model and increase emphasis on cybersecurity issues, still only a small proportion of users know its duties.

Atlassian has robust processes in place to manage any data loss scenarios due to Atlassian infrastructure, but that does not address customer account-site data and related data loss due to accidents, malicious or intentional deletion. This is where Atlassian’s Cloud Security Shared Responsibilities Model plays a role and delineates who is responsible for what.

We do not warrant that your use of the cloud products will be uninterrupted or error-free, that we will review your data for accuracy, or that we will preserve or maintain your data without loss” – we can read in Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service.

In short, according to the so-called ‘shared responsibility model’ most SaaS vendors rely on, a service provider is responsible for infrastructure security, accessibility, and recoverability while users are obligated to protect and back up their data.

Moreover, Atlassian even recommends having backup and recovery software in place.

Bdr Jira0

Once you know it, execute it
The primary goal of any backup software vendor should be to provide account-level DR technology in the event of the above-mentioned service downtime or ransomware attacks. And although it seems obvious, GitProtect is still the only one on the global market that empowers Jira users with full data protection and DR technology.

However, 80% of cyber incidents still result from human errors and accidental deletions that happen in Jira on a daily. In such a case, a recently released granular restore technology for recovering only individual deleted items from Jira comes to the rescue.

Bdr Jira1

Thanks to it, customers gain not only the option of restoring deleted items. Granular restore allows you to implement many use cases – migrate Jira data between different projects or accounts, copy project configurations from sandbox to production, separate projects or consolidate different Jira sites into one. In short – it brings new possibilities for a better Jira data management experience.

Considering Atlassian’s emphasis on adequate data protection, and growing requirements for securing DevOps data in world-class security certifications (e.g. SOC 2), we foresee that Jira backup, (along with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket) in the footsteps of Microsoft 365, Google Cloud Platform, or Salesforce, will become another, key data protection field considered as a part of every DevSecOps process“ -says Lukasz Jesis, founder and CEO, Xopero Software and GitProtect.io.

GitProtect.io is a project of Xopero Software, a company with over 14 years of backup experience and established partnerships with such companies as ESET, T-Mobile, and Orange.

GitProtect.io Jira Backup is available on Atlassian Marketplace with a free package for companies with up to 10 users.

GitProtect Jira Backup website
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