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DāSTOR Enhances Services Across 4 U.S. Data Centers

In Pennsylvania and Delaware

DāSTOR LLC, an enterprise-focused provider of scalable and secure hybrid colocation solutions, announced enhancements and strategic developments to its portfolio of services across its 4 data centers located in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Dastor Enhances Services Across Its 4 Data Centers

In the two and a half years since the company’s launch, it has expanded capacity and service capabilities in colocation, private cloud, backup and storage to deliver secure, optimized, enterprise data management solutions across a variety of vertical markets, including healthcare, legal, fintech, and government.

Helping its clients navigate the complexities of managing IT workloads across cloud, colocation and on-premise solutions, the firm provides guidance and expertise to simplify the process of finding scalable, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure and data management solutions. Through multiple decades of owning and operating data centers, Its team recognizes the migration path that companies experience when optimizing workloads; from on-prem to colocation, to public cloud, and repatriating some or all of those workloads back to dedicated colocation or private cloud solutions due to cost and security concerns.

The vendor guides IT infrastructure management decision-makers through each stage of their digital evolution with knowledge, experience, and custom tools to simplify the process and ensure better outcomes. 

Enhancements to DāSTOR’s colocation solutions include:

  • Innovative Storage Solutions: Consolidated and simplified its tier-1 storage solutions and added an S3-compatible Object storage solution, branded “Fortress“, a platform with massive capacity, designed for unstructured backups and bulk data needs. Fortress is offering ransomware protection and compliance-ready immutability without egress fees. It is a simple, scalable product that is part of an efficient enterprise data management and archiving solution.
  • Hyperconverged Private Cloud: The company upgraded its private cloud offering to provide the simplicity and agility of public cloud coupled with the performance, security, and control of private cloud, within a hyper converged architecture.
  • Superior Cloud access and control:  WatchTower is firm’s custom-built cloud portal, enabling insight and control of customer applications and VMs within DāSTOR’s private cloud AND any public clouds used by customers. Through a single pane of glass, WatchTower empowers users to migrate VMs and view real-time cost comparisons between public and private clouds. WatchTower is provided free of charge to DāSTOR private cloud customers.

Additionally, the company has grown its sales team and has introduced a Partner Program, contributing to an overall revenue growth of 45%+ since inception. Its focus on delivering a customer experience has resulted in a customer retention rate of 98%, demonstrating the quality and reliability of its colocation solutions.

At DāSTOR, we’ve completely revamped not just our products, but the entire customer experience. We’ve invested heavily in our core offerings, from upgrading our Cloud platform to building a cost-effective Object Storage platform; from building a private fiber ring between our facilities and fortifying security across our entire footprint to launching WatchTower, our online cloud management platform, we’ve significantly expanded and elevated our solutions to support the evolving needs of the enterprise,” shared DāSTOR’s CEO Kevin Mulqueen. “The response has been phenomenal – and the significant traction favorably positions us for the future.

Moving forward, firm’s focus on innovation and customer-centric enhancements raises the bar for hybrid colocation and managed service offerings for enterprise businesses. DāSTOR’s tangible achievements reaffirm its commitment to delivering digital infrastructure and management solutions tailored to evolving enterprise requirements.