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Availability of Quantum Myriad All-Flash File and Object Solution

All-flash, scale-out file and object storage software platform for enterprises

Quantum Corp. announces that Myriad, an all-flash, scale-out file and object storage software platform for the enterprise, is generally available for purchase.

Quantum Myriad 2311 Intro

First released to early-access customers in April of this year, Myriad has demonstrated in testing that it delivers deployment flexibility and consistent performance for data intensive workloads. This is in large part due to its cloud-native architecture that makes it an easy-to-use solution that overcomes the limitations of hardware-centric designs and enables customers to adapt to future storage needs while reducing the burden on over-extended IT staff.

Eikon Therapeutics, a life sciences company which advances breakthrough therapeutics through the purposeful integration of engineering and science, is now a customer that evaluated Myriad on their informatics and omics research workloads. For these compute-intensive needs, the end user requires an all-flash solution that has low latency and consistent high performance. Myriad exceeded their requirements.

Eikon Therapeutics has a record of embracing and steering technology to tackle the largest and most important challenges as we pioneer leaps in efficiency for drug discovery by tracking individual proteins in live cells. As we pursue this goal we constantly evaluate and advise our peer companies and researchers on architecture design and performance. We were excited to be an early-access customer of Myriad to see if it would meet our demanding performance requirements for our informatics and omics pipelines,” said John Leonardini, principal storage engineer, Eikon. “Myriad offered up an extremely performant system with many of the enterprise features we must have for these workflows, delivered with a very polished interface and next-gen integration with our information lifecycle strategy. Most compelling for us is that Myriad delivered these results on a small system of only 5 NVMe storage nodes, with readily available NVMe storage modules and servers – no custom hardware required – and can easily scale as needed.

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Myriad features a distributed architecture designed for the latest flash technologies to deliver consistent low-latency performance at any scale. It introduces inline data services such as de-duple and compression, snapshots and clones, and metadata tagging to accelerate AI/ML data processing. And it uses cloud technologies, like microservices and Kubernetes, to deliver cloud simplicity wherever deployed. The software operates on standard high-volume flash storage servers so IT teams can adopt the latest hardware and storage infrastructure for future needs. With Myriad, enterprises can replace legacy disk-based storage systems with a software-defined, all-flash platform that provides faster performance, greater scale, and a more sustainable and green solution that is both power and real estate efficient. This solution has already received multiple industry accolades including the CRN Best Tech Innovators and NAB New Product of the Year awards.

Myriad is a modern, future-forward architecture that we designed to be simple, powerful, and intelligent. But to prove its real-world applicability we engaged key industry leaders to evaluate and confirm our design and implementation,” said Brian Pawlowski, chief development officer, Quantum. “It’s been invaluable to have Eikon give us their input and expertise and to verify that Myriad is the best choice for the needs of high-performance workloads like life science, data science, and AI/ML.”  

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Myriad expands the company’s portfolio of solutions for unstructured data and is suited for emerging high-growth use cases that require more performance and more scale, including AI and ML, modern data lakes, VFX and animation, and other high-bandwidth and high IO/s applications.

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