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Cubbit DS3 Composer Enabling Enterprises and MSPs to Build in Minutes Own Sovereign Hyper-Resilient

100% S3-compatible cloud storage

Cubbit Srl. announced the 1st launch phase of DS3 Composer, a next-gen cloud solution that places data control back into the hands of MSPs, SIs, and enterprises, by enabling them to build their own sovereign, hyper-resilient, 100% S3-compatible cloud storage in minutes.  

Ds3 Composer Scheme1

The platform is based on DS3 technology, a geo-distributed cloud object store, already adopted by 200+ companies and MSPs across Europe. DS3 Composer collects, aggregates and encrypts companies’ new and recycled resources across the edge, private data centres, and public cloud via its SaaS control plane.  

This platform places the company’s partners in the position to offer their customers a customisable cloud experience, with all the benefits of traditional cloud services and on-premises products, while mitigating the associated challenges. The solution also provides the best TCO, resiliency, ransomware protection, and data control. Empowered to become direct cloud storage providers, XSPs, SIs, and VARs will be able to increase their business success by generating profit margins and new revenue streams. DS3 Composer allows enterprises to benefit from a fully personalised and flexible cloud storage, with end-to-end control over data and infrastructure, and between 50-90% cost savings as compared to traditional cloud storage and on-premises storage solutions. With DS3 Composer’s ‘Bring Your Own Storage’ approach, every byte of storage can be reutilised, with the added option to access bare metal providers, hyperscalers, or DS3 public Swarms, depending on business requirements. 

Unlike traditional cloud storage, DS3 Composer utilises DS3 technology, developed by the company, which eliminates the need to store data in a few centralised data centres. Instead, files are encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across multiple locations within geo-fenced networks of users’ choice. This addresses countries’ specific data sovereignty concerns, such as the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act, known as the Cloud Act, which has significant implications for organizations with a global footprint, now having to re-evaluate their data storage and management strategies. With DS3 Composer, businesses can check all the compliance boxes (including ISO 27001 and GDPR) while providing data control and hyper-resiliency vs. ransomware and regional, localized disasters

Cubbit Ds3 Scheme1

DS3 Composer can be configured and deployed in minutes, scaling capacity from a few terabytes up to petabytes of storage according to business need. The platform empowers customers to build and grow their own hyper-secure cloud at minimal cost, offering a pay-as-you-go model with no initial investment required. This firm’s solution offers granular multitenancy, chargeback and billing features, the possibility to access data from public or private access points, and the option to enable zero-trust data protection. A web-based GUI facilitates the solution deployment, orchestrating the build of large-scale infrastructures. DS3 Composer components are zero-touch, efficient, and optimized to run on limited compute resources, making them for  hybrid and multi cloud environments and edge deployments. 

 The company’s geo-distributed technology is also designed to align with increasingly important sustainability goals by extending storage hardware lifespan, reducing electronic waste, and minimizing carbon footprint.  

 Carlo Cavazzoni, head, computational R&D, Leonardo, (cybersecurity and defense company with more than $14 billion in revenues), says: “Thanks to the adoption of granular geographic data distribution technology, we are now capable of addressing the growing trend of data to be stored – expected to triple by 2026 – which will generate a parallel increase in risks, costs, and complexities related to their management.”

Enrico Signoretti, VP, product and partnership, Cubbit, says: “European companies are encountering more challenges, from unexpected costs to ransomware, and from GDPR compliance to data sovereignty. Cubbit DS3 Composer solves these issues by simplifying data management. Even though DS3 is quickly growing in popularity for the resiliency, security, sovereignty, and attractive cost it offers, at Cubbit we don’t think of ourselves as cloud storage providers but, rather, as disruptive cloud enablers. We aim to enable MSPs, SIs, and large organizations to build their own customized cloud. Cubbit’s customers will be able to enjoy a full cloud experience while keeping complete control over their data, infrastructures, and costs.” 

DS3 Composer is available to a selected cluster of partners and customers across Europe, including Leonardo. General availability will come at the beginning of 2024.