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HYCU R-Cloud Data Protection as-a-Service Adds 50th as-a-Service Integration to HYCU Marketplace

Delivering fastest time to cover number of critical IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and DBaaS in single integrated platform

HYCU, Inc. announced it has added its 50th as a service integration for customers needing to protect and recover data for IaaS, DBaaS, PaaS and SaaS application workloads to HYCU Marketplace.

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Hycu Rcloud Marketplace Screenshot

This marks the 1st time in the industry users have a way to protect many of the leading SaaS applications with enterprise-class data backup and recovery to ensure applications are protected and recoverable from build to runtime. With fewer than half a 12th SaaS applications currently with enterprise backup and recovery software options available according to industry analyst reports, the firm’s R-Cloud and Marketplace, HYCU makes it possible for SaaS vendors to protect modern applications and associated microservices from initial design throughout the application lifecycle.

In every industry, there comes a point where something shifts the paradigm. With HYCU, we’ve created an industry first platform to effortlessly protect, manage, and recover data no matter where it sits,” remarked Simon Taylor, founder and CEO. “Introducing R-Cloud unlocked the ability to visualize an entire data estate, learn what data was protected and unprotected, and with 1-click simplicity, turn on protection when no other way was possible. This offered companies a simple yet powerful way to protect their entire data landscape. Today’s milestone marks not just an achievement, but a promise of our platform’s transformative power. Our team’s unrivaled expertise, coupled with the trust of our partners and customers, is what drives us. And trust me, this is just the beginning.”

The latest milestone marks significant interest and adoption of the R-Cloud platform by customers and the company’s partners. As firm supports a range of SaaS services used by an entire organization, the company has partnered with organizations focused on different functional areas. Over the last few months, it has added more than 40 new partners to accelerate the development of the modules and also to deliver integrations to the hands of the users to protect their data. In addition, it has trained champions within each of these partner organizations to help augment their existing capabilities and services to add as-a-service protection.

R-Cloud starts with the premise that the key component of a successful data protection strategy is to have a complete view of the data estate. R-Graph allows organizations to visualize their entire data estate to observe and easily determine what applications including those that are as-a-service are protected.

Protege dashboard with R Graph screenshot

Hycu Protege Dashboard With R Graph

Since the introduction of R-Cloud in early 2023, there have been several significant milestones including today’s announcement of the 50th as a Service integration available directly from the firm’s Marketplace.

Below categories including number of new AWS services :

  • Core compute and storage services: This includes AWS services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Azure Compute, Azure Gov Cloud Compute, Google services like GCE, GCS, and GKE, VMware and Nutanix running on Public Clouds, Dell PowerScale family, NetApp, and any generic NAS device.

  • Database as-a-Services: Including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), AWS Aurora, Google AlloyDB, Google BigQuery, and Google CloudSQL.

  • Core platform services: Including AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud AppEngine, Google Cloud Artifacts, Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Run, Nutanix NC2 on AWS, Nutanix NC2 on Azure, Okta CIAM, Okta Workforce Identity Cloud.

  • SaaS applications: Including Asana, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Jira Service Management, Atlassian Jira Asset Management, Atlassian Jira Config Management, Atlassian Jira Software, Atlassian Jira Work Management, Atlassian Product Discovery, Atlassian Trello, ClickUp, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Miro, Notion, Salesforce, Typeform, and Terraform. 

Protecting organizational data stored in SaaS platforms in particular represents one of the larger, seemingly unsolvable problems of modern data protection,” said Jerome Wendt, founder and principal, DCIG. “SaaS providers largely expect their clients to take responsibility for protecting the data they store with them. At the same time, SaaS providers offer no easy or scalable options for organizations to back up data in their platforms. HYCU has changed this conversation with the introduction of R-Cloud. It provides a process for providers to protect and recover critical data in their SaaS application. It equips organizations to back up their data in any SaaS application that has been integrated with HYCU. Further, HYCU both centralizes and simplifies SaaS data protection for organizations using a cloud-based as a service approach. HYCU R-Cloud represents a shining example of how organizations should protect data in today’s new SaaS world. It is no surprise it has received the interest and success to date. And, I would expect it to increase in the months ahead.

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Introducing R-Cloud: The world’s first low-code development platform for data protection


Key moment for HYCU with this milestone confirming the adoption of SaaS backup solutions following the flood of SaaS applications. Once again, selecting a SaaS is so easy and so terrible that no data protection is included, I mean serious ones.

You know our opinion on that as it is a real scandal that SaaS players don’t seriously deliver a solution preferring to let external actors to solve that challenge. For PaaS it is an open point and for IaaS developers have to do it. But again for SaaS this is just incredible. Guess what, the service offered by the SaaS player doesn’t prevent users to adopt the service. And then appears the catastrophe. And it is so simple to subscribe to SaaS, that this problem becomes even worse as an horizontal data protection solution is required due to the simple fact that an average enterprise uses many many online applications.

And HYCU has recognized this hole and jumped into that with one of the most comprehensive approaches on the market named R-Cloud. Instead of providing a solution for each SaaS application with all the difficulties to develop, validate and certify that model and thus creating complexity, the firm has chosen to offer a single unified platform, a SDK for low-code development and the HYCU Protégé marketplace. R-Cloud includes R-Graph to identify, monitor and list unprotected workloads and applications.

This strategy shows clearly rapid adoption and demonstrates the right decision taken by the management team a few years ago having watched carefully the market and listened to their end-users and partners.

The company passed 50 integrations and will reach 100 very soon now with a fast growing number of partners understanding that the HYCU model is the way to go to protect users’ SaaS data and extend their relationship with them.

And now with the associated announcement for AWS re:Invent, HYCU solidifies its position on the market being watched by all legacy actors, other more recent ones and newcomers.