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Rescale Cloud File System for Automated Fast, Parallel Storage to Power Secure Collaboration in Applied AI and R&D Computing

Storage service brings automated administration, secure collaboration, and unified data management using cloud services and parallel file system technologies.

Rescale, Inc. announces Cloud File System, a storage service that automates parallel file system management for applied AI and R&D computing.

Rescale Cloud File System Intro

The service brings automation and control to high performance storage technologies enabling collaboration with data security and cost efficiency.

Modern product development increasingly applies AI and R&D computing across multiple stages in the product life cycle, creating an explosion of data that is fragmented across the enterprise. The accumulation of petabytes of data across various storage stacks and organizational silos makes sharing files and collaboration more important than ever.

Cloud File System brings automation and control to high performance storage technologies Yet, enterprises are challenged to facilitate collaboration between developers, engineers, and researchers who need to share insights to make timely and accurate product decisions. 

While a variety of high performance storage technologies exist, complexity in managing them prevents many enterprises from delivering secure, shared file access. To support modern HPC and AI computing, IT teams often need to set up and manage multiple storage technologies while managing access, security, and cost-performance tradeoffs. Manual storage management can create costly provisioning delays, security risks, or obstacles to sharing critical insights. 

Cloud File System brings automation and policy-based control to the latest high performance cloud-based storage technologies for turnkey deployment and simplified management. It automates file systems from a variety of leading cloud storage providers such as Microsoft Azure Managed Lustre, ensuring users and their applications have fast, parallel access to data while balancing cost and performance objectives. 

At TempoQuest, we develop state-of-the-art technologies for weather and climate modeling,” said Samm Elliott, director, software engineering and customer solutions, TempoQuest. “Delivering accurate and timely predictions requires extremely fast shared filesystem access across the large GPU clusters running our simulations. Effectively managing our massive storage challenges is critical for the success of our customers who rely on our predictions to make informed decisions regarding everything from launching rockets to emergency management in high-impact weather events.” 

Rescale makes it possible for Microsoft Azure customers to solve their engineering data challenges to build a foundation for an AI-driven future by seamlessly harnessing Lustre-powered file systems to meet the stringent demands of large-scale compute workloads,” said Dilip Sundarraj, principal product manager, Azure Managed Lustre, Azure Cloud.

Cloud File System bolsters the company’s storage fabric to give users secure shared access to critical data, and increase engineering productivity, all while improving efficiency by automating the latest cloud technologies. As data complexity continues to grow, innovation-driven enterprises can now focus more on unifying their R&D teams to uncover new insights from advanced simulations, modeling, and applied AI initiatives. 

Providing users secure shared access to engineering data is one of the biggest challenges our customers face to commercializing innovations faster,” said Edward Hsu, CPO, Rescale. “Just as Rescale’s cloud-based control plane democratized access to specialized computing architectures at cloud-scale, Rescale Cloud File System enables engineering-driven organizations to provide users secure shared access to data across teams, associated to relevant projects, all while getting the best possible performance at the lowest possible cost.

Current company’s customers can request beta access by contacting their account team directly.

About Rescale
It provides high performance computing built for the cloud to empower engineers while giving IT security and control. The company’s platform makes it simple for engineers and scientists to harness advanced software and computing architectures for cutting-edge, simulation and AI-driven innovation. For IT, the platform provides full-stack security and support, and delivers policy-based financial and architectural controls to maximize performance and efficiency.  Rescale powers the world’s companies to accelerate innovation across industries including life sciences, automotive, energy, semiconductor, aerospace, and manufacturing.