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SC23: Western Digital Exhibits Next-Gen Storage Infrastructure

Including RapidFlex technology, Ingrasys’ ES2100 with integrated Nvidia Spectrum Ethernet switches, and GPUs, Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage, BlueField DPUs and ConnectX SmartNICs, Ultrastar Data102 and Data60 JBOD hybrid storage, OpenFlex Data24 3200 NVMe-oF storage platform

Storage plays a critical and foundational role in the realm of HPC, AI, DL, big data and real-time analytics.

Wdc Rapidflex A2000 Nvme Controller

Whether it is managing vast datasets that fuel AI workloads or delivering high-speed storage for rapid access to data, Western Digital Corp.’s storage portfolio is at the forefront of innovation. With a broad portfolio, the company is bringing new possibilities for data to life with new products, game-changing demos and use cases showcased at Supercomputing 2023, November 12-17, 2023, at Denver Convention Center, Denver, CO.

Exhibit and demos:

Showcases Nvidia GPUDirect storage proof of concept to speed up, scale AI workloads:

Ingrasys ES2100

Wdc Ingrasys’ Es2100As AI innovation gains rapid momentum, it necessitates new architectural approaches. Current infrastructure struggles to scale both efficiently and cost-effectively to meet demand. The combination of the company’s RapidFlex technology, Ingrasys’ ES2100 with integrated Nvidia Spectrum Ethernet switches, and Nvidia’s GPUs, Magnum IO GPUDirect Storage, BlueField DPUs and ConnectX SmartNICs enables a direct data path between NVMe-oF storage and GPU memory to drive high-performance and efficient utilization of storage and GPU resources. Come see a proof of concept demonstrating simple independent scaling of storage bandwidth to maximize GPU workloads ranging from greater than 25GB/s for a single Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPU to over 100GB/s for 4 Nvidia A100 GPUs.

High-capacity hybrid storage JBOD platform for Big Data, AI workloads:

Ultrastar Data102

Wdc Ultrastar Data102 Hybrid Storage PlatformDelivering high-density, reliability and the flexibility to balance performance with cost, the Ultrastar Data102 and Data60 JBOD hybrid storage platforms are key building blocks for designing next-gen disaggregated storage and SDS infrastructure. Customers can choose dual-port SAS for HA or single-port SATA for low cost. The Ultrastar Data102 delivers up to 2.65PB and the Data60 delivers up to 1.56PB of raw storage in a 4U.(1) Each storage platform comes with IsoVibe and ArcticFlow technologies for improved performance and reliability.

Simplifying NVMe-oF deployment for next-gen disaggregated storage for greater flexibility, scalability:

OpenFlex Data24 3200

Wdc Openflex Data24 Nvme Of Storage PlatformCome see the company’s OpenFlex Data24 3200 – an integrated NVMe-oF storage platform that extends the performance of NVMe flash to a shared storage architecture. By separating storage resources from compute and sharing them over Ethernet, OpenFlex Data24 becomes available to multiple applications and servers, allowing for greater resource control, flexibility, and scalability. Using the RapidFlex controllers, the Data24 3200 allows up to 6 hosts to be attached without a switch. It provides both RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCE) and TCP connection support. Available in a 2U 24-bay platform, the Data24 3200 is built to deliver low power costs, HA, and enterprise-class reliability with up to 368TB in a single platform with the company’s Ultrastar DC SN655 dual-port PCIe Gen 4.0 SSDs.

Wdc Ultrastar Dc Sn655 Nvme™ Ssd

1 1TB is equal to one trillion bytes and 1PB is equal to 1,000 TB. Actual user capacity may be less due to operating environment. Ultrastar Data102 Hybrid Storage Platform total raw capacity of 2.24PB using 22TB CMR HDDs and 2.65PB using 26TB SMR HDDs. Ultrastar Data60 Hybrid Storage Platform total raw capacity of 1.32PB using 22TB CMR HDDs and 1.56PB using 26TB SMR HDDs.