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CrashPlan Data Backup Packages for Smaller Organizations and Individual Users

Essential version for $3/month to protect up to 200GB

CrashPlan announced 2 new offerings that bring its data backup to a full range of smaller businesses and individual users.

Crashplan New Packages Backup 2311

Built on the firm’s backup solution trusted by nearly a million users around the globe, CrashPlan Professional is for individual creators or entrepreneurs and SMBs. CrashPlan Essential offers a consumer-style backup solution to protect critical personal files. Both packages are available for free trial and purchase at the company’s website.

 Data resiliency continues to be a rising priority for everyone — whether you’re a small business, a media creator, an individual, or a large enterprise. We all have valuable ideas and important files. And we want to be able to recover quickly and painlessly when something happens, no matter if that’s a cyber-attack, a tech failure, or just honest user error,” said Christine Schaefer, CMO. “We created these offerings to give everyone the best in data resiliency – CrashPlan, in packages that give you the critical functionality you need – without extra cost for the things you don’t.”

These packages create a tiered offering for the company’s customers built on trusted, market-leading functionality. All firm’s packages feature automatic backup of every file version across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices, for the ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it peace of mind. The unlimited versioning enables faster and more granular file recovery. The firm provides 256-bit AES encryption for data in transit and at rest to meet the highest standards of security-savvy users. Overall, the company’s interface makes it easy and quick to restore any – or all – files in the event of a data loss incident.

Crashplan Essential Scheme

The entry-level CrashPlan Essential is for individuals that need to protect critical personal digital files, including tax returns, photos, budget spreadsheets, music, and more. For $2.99/month, users can protect up to 200GB of data with automatic cloud backups, state-of-the-art encryption, unlimited versioning and user-friendly file restore workflows – with the flexibility to add storage for $1 for every 100GB as needs grow.

Drahplan Unlimited Storage

CrashPlan Professional is designed for businesses or individual users who have large storage needs. Users get the same trusted backup functionality – with unlimited cloud storage capacity and file versioning for $8/month. The solution supports multiple users and adds specific administrative features optimized for small-to-medium businesses including secure service access (SSA).

The top-tier CrashPlan Enterprise package available for trial and purchase online extends administrative functionality to meet the scale and complexity of enterprise organizations and is trusted by some of the biggest names in every sector as the foundation of a modern business resiliency program. A 4th package, CrashPlan for MSPs, was released earlier this year to better serve managed service providers and their SMBs will be available for purchase online soon.

As the risk landscape has changed, we’ve continually evolved CrashPlan to meet more complex data security and resiliency needs. With more than 900,000 users around the globe, we know better than anyone all the things that could go wrong and cause loss of work,” said Todd Thorsen, CISO. “Businesses of all sizes and enterprise all need the holistic data resiliency available in these new packages tailored to give smaller organizations and individual users the enterprise-level backup and data security they deserve.