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Druva Multi-Cloud Protection with Secure Azure Backup

Agentless cloud-native SaaS solution delivers secure, air-gapped backups at up to 40% lower TCO.

Druva, Inc. announced cloud-native protection for Azure backups, enabling customers to leverage the simplicity and value of SaaS across their cloud deployments.

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Druva Cloud Native Protection For Azure Backups Sheme2

The company’s 100% agentless, cloud-native SaaS solution provides air-gapped backups for Azure VMs and reduces TCO by up to 40% compared to traditional solutions. With a unified cloud platform, customers can protect, secure and manage backups across data centers and Azure and AWS environments at enterprise scale.

Ransomware attacks are increasingly targeting backup data, and businesses need to be prepared to defend against potential threats. The company protects Azure VM data from ransomware by creating an air-gapped and encrypted backup copy of data that cannot be destroyed or corrupted by attackers. With the firm’s solution, businesses can expand their ransomware protection with secure backups across Azure, AWS, the data center, SaaS apps, and end users. The company enables customers to save time and money by consolidating backup operations – with no egress fees or protected instance charges.

Today, customers need to safeguard their data wherever it lives, in any cloud, and be ready for every new and emerging cyber threat,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO. “With the addition of Azure VM backup, Druva’s platform now protects customers’ data across all the leading clouds with SaaS simplicity and air-gapped security. At Druva, we are committed to delivering industry-leading data protection – and our $10 million Data Resilience Guarantee ensures customers can rest with peace of mind and focus their attention where it matters most.

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Druva Multi Cloud Protection With Secure Azure Backup

With company’s Azure VM backup and recovery capabilities, customers benefit from:

  • Air-gapped, secure backups: Helps organizations protect data from ransomware by creating immutable backups. The solution automatically secures backup copies outside of customers’ Azure tenancy in the Druva Cloud – better protecting data and reducing risk from emerging threats and insider attacks.

  • Agentless, multi-cloud management: Eliminates the need for additional infrastructure or hardware and streamlines ease of use by enabling users to manage data environments across multiple clouds, all within a single interface. With this offer, customers benefit from enhanced simplicity and can protect their data in less than five minutes.

  • Global de-dupe and no egress fees: Optimizes storage by de-duping data across customer environments and eliminating egress fees for backups and restores – while reducing the number of backup copies required for backup redundancy, providing cost savings and predictability. Customers benefit with up to 40% cost reduction compared to traditional solutions.

Druva delivers robust data protection through a simple, easy-to-use interface, and Azure VM backup and recovery will further strengthen the platform’s multi-cloud capabilities,” said Daniel Clydesdale-Cotter, VP, cloud and MSP solutions, EchoStor Technologies, a provider of IT solutions and services. “As an MSP, EchoStor leverages Druva’s advanced technology within our EchoStor Virtual Assistant Backup as a Service (Eva BaaS) offering, enhancing our ability to provide tailored cloud solutions to our clients. This solution not only accelerates how quickly customers can protect data across clouds, but also aligns with our commitment to reduce storage costs for customers by eliminating egress fees.

Today, there are a number of cyber threats to protect from, and we’ve appreciated Druva’s approach to data protection. From immutable backups to quick disaster recovery capabilities, Druva has a great partner solution to support our customers,” said Joe Hepburn, data management practice lead, Bytes Software Services, a provider of IT solutions. “Druva already had strong multi-cloud capabilities, and by introducing support for Azure VMs, we expect we’ll be able to engage with more customers and ensure alignment with their data protection needs.”

Druva’s Azure VM backup and recovery capabilities are available.

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