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Drive Speed iPhone App to Test Video Recording Speed from OWC

Verifies data transfer rates from iPhone to connected external storage.

Other World Computing (OWC) released Drive Speed, an iOS app to verify transfer speeds between iPhones and connected external storage. 

Owc Drive Speed Intro

With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple changed the game for shooting video on the iPhone, enabling users to expand storage beyond the iPhone to connected external drives. To get the most out of the new possibilities and ensure videographers capture every frame as expected, OWC has created Drive Speed, an app for iPhone to measure and optimize video transfers between the iPhone and external drives.

Owc Drive Speed Screenshots

Drive Speed verifies video data transfer rates and storage limits of external storage attached to an iPhone. Users can check different recording variables such as format, frame rate, and duration. Drive Speed ensures efficient file exchanges, fewer dropped frames, and the peace of mind knowing you have the storage capacity needed to capture everything.

We are always looking to create solutions and tools to eliminate hurdles and hassles that impact getting the job done,” said Larry O’Connor, founder and CEO. “Drive Speed empowers users to make sure their iPhone and external storage are ready to capture every frame.”

Drive Speed also offers recommendations on how to optimize video transfers with pocket-sized storage like the company’s Envoy Elektron portable SSD, versatile Envoy Pro mini thumb drive, and pro-grade cables.

Download Drive Speed for free on the App store for iPhone.

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