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Apacer AS2280F4 Gen5 x4 Up to 4TB M.2 SSD

Up to 12,000/11,800MB/s RW speeds

Apacer Technology Inc. launches the AS2280F4 M.2 Gen5 x4 SSD.

Apacer As220f4 Ssd Intro

Equipped with the PCIe Gen5 x4 interface, this SSD marks a leap in speed and performance, establishing itself as a choice for high-performance.

Expertly crafted for high RW speed
The SSD delivers a RW speed of up to 12,000/11,800MB/s, ensuring performance even under heavy workloads. Broadening its utility, it offers a range of storage options to suit varied user needs, including the storage of vast gaming libraries, multimedia files, and large data sets. This drive is engineered for adaptability, making it for diverse applications. A 4TB version is in its final stages of testing and is slated for mass production in the near future.

Breaking barriers in SSD cooling
It uses special dual thermal pads designed for the speedy Gen5 SSDs. These pads direct heat towards high-conductivity aluminium fins, ensuring optimal cooling and peak performance by increasing contact with cooling air. Adding to its efficiency, the AS2280F4 features an in-built fan. Notably, tests suggest that this setup might keep the Gen5 SSD up to 25% cooler compared to traditional fanless heatsinks. With such cooling methods, the SSD stands as a testament to the company‘s innovative spirit, ensuring optimal performance even under intense conditions.

Dependable data protection mechanism and 5-year global warranty
The AS2280F4 comes with built-in data security and error-correction capabilities, enhancing the endurance and lifespan of the NAND flash storage, therefore protecting users’ precious data. The firm stands behind the AS2280F4 with a 5-year global warranty.

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