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Veritas Names Microsoft as First 360 Defense Partner to Achieve REDLab Validation for Security Solutions

Solutions reduce time to safe recovery by rapidly discovering last known good data.

Veritas Technologies announced that Microsoft Corp. has become the 1st 360 Defense partner to achieve Veritas REDLab Validation for its security solutions.

Veritas 360 Defense 2After testing Microsoft Defender with real-world malware in its REDLab isolated test laboratory, the software company has certified the solution for secure integration into the Veritas Alta cloud data management platform and NetBackup family of products.

Together, the 2 companies can rapidly identify the last known good copy of data following a ransomware attack to ensure a clean recovery to get organizations fully operational fast.

360 Defense unveiled by the company, offers organizations a blueprint on how to safeguard their data estate against the continually growing spectre of ransomware. It brings together solutions from the firm’s portfolio, including Veritas Alta, an industry’s complete secure multi-cloud data management platform, and those from security and cloud infrastructure vendors, such as Microsoft, to deliver a turnkey solution for secure cloud-native cyber resiliency. Customers will soon be able to access a library of reference designs, validated by the Veritas REDLab, to guide them on best practices for secure implementation of jointly deployed solutions.

Lawrence Wong, SVP, product management and chief strategy officer, said: “When customers buy from Veritas and Microsoft, our solutions are not just sold together, they really work together. That is the value of our REDLab validation. Partners, like Microsoft, are able to add layers of security to our cyber resiliency solutions that ensure Veritas customers get a better experience from a comprehensive approach to protecting their businesses.”

Integration between Alta Data Protection and Microsoft Defender enables customers to scan backup data on inert, immutable, optimized storage to identify the last known good data copy. In doing so, the solution protects organizations from restoring any backup data corrupted by malware, preventing reinfection, and allowing them to bounce back faster.

Eric Burkholder, senior program manager, Sentinel, Microsoft, said: “The evolving threat landscape means that enterprises constantly face new and challenging cybersecurity problems. The Microsoft portfolio of security solutions can be integrated with third-party offerings, such as the Veritas Alta cloud data management platform, to ensure that customers can rapidly achieve their security and protection goals and stay one step ahead of bad actors.

Veritas Redlab Logo

REDLab validation marks the latest step in a lasting strategic relationship between the 2 partners. Deep and established integration between the companies’ products and go-to-market strategies enables them to help customers build their zero trust security models and be cyber resilient. Together, they help to protect vs. downtime, data loss and regulatory penalties, and to provide the reassurance of recovery at scale, in the cloud and across their data estates.

Previous collaboration highlights between the 2 partners include:

  • Veritas delivered a simple UI-based integration with Microsoft Sentinel, ensuring all user audit trails, data anomalies and malware detected in the backup infrastructure are shared with the SecOps team.
  • Alta Data protection is integrated with Azure, which was also the launch partner for Veritas Alta Recovery Vault, the companys cloud cyber-secure recovery data isolation vault with virtual air-gap controls that ensure a backup copy is always indelible, immutable and available for recovery.
  • Alta SaaS Protection was one of the 1st data protection solutions, hosted on Azure, to be SOC2 and IRAP certified. It was also one of the first data protection solutions to offer a private tenant architecture for SaaS protection based on Microsoft Azure, ensuring dedicated resources to eliminate conflicts and ensure data sovereignty.
  • Alta Data Compliance is deployed exclusively on Azure around the world. This integration allows Veritas to extend its datacenter footprint to accommodate needs for data sovereignty in different regions of the world, in as little as three weeks.

Gabriel Muñoz, director, IT, Alestra, said: “Evaluating security and cyber resiliency solutions from multiple vendors in different proof-of-concept evaluations is time consuming and frustrating. Knowing that we can select products from Veritas and Microsoft that have been pre-tested and validated will free us from that burden and allow us to cut to the chase, so we’re protected faster from emerging cyber-resiliency threats.

The company is also a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), which is an ecosystem of independent software vendors and managed security service providers that have integrated their solutions to better defend vs. a world of increasing cyber threats. Currently, Alta and NetBackup are validated as part of MISA.

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