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Kanguru Enhanced 11-Target NVMe SSD Duplicator for Large M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA Technology Rollouts

Also data wipe with DOD-Level Secure Erase features in compliance with GDPR

Kanguru Solutions introducesits KanguruClone 11-Target M.2 NVMe SSD Pro duplicator, with more cost-effective benefits, enhanced performance, and faster duplication speed for organizations looking to upgrade or roll out both M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA form factor SSD technology.

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To accommodate for a newer-gen of NVMe drives, next gen and future-gen mechanisms, the company has enhanced its KanguruClone 11-Target M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator for organizations.

The KanguruClone 11-Target M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator is a way for organizations to conduct large-scale upgrades and/or deployments of NVMe SSDs. Duplicate up to 11 M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA form factor SSDs simultaneously. With fast cloning, economic benefits and secure erase features, organizations can use this duplicator for medium to large rollouts, backups and GDPR compliance. Separate adapters may be purchased for traditional SATA upgrades to NVMe.

  • Easily roll out M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA technology to organization
  • Efficiently upgrade or make updates to a previously-installed fleet of NVMe Devices
  • Create duplicate NVMe M.2 drives or M.2 SATA drives for backups
  • Data wipe with DOD-Level Secure Erase features in compliance with GDPR

“The enhancements to the KanguruClone 11-Target M.2 NVMe SSD Duplicator make tremendous economic sense for organizations on a number of fronts, providing greater performance, much faster duplication speeds, while reducing overall expense,” says Nate Cote, EVP. “It’s a great solution for large to medium system NVMe upgrades or deployment projects.”

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Single channel vs. dual channel
Where the previous Single Channel KanguruClone 11-Target M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator model required the purchase of special adapters for duplicating M.2 SATA form factor drives, this enhanced, Dual Channel 11 NVMe duplicator can duplicate both M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA drives simultaneously and more efficiently without the need for separate adapters, reducing the overall expense for organizations. With dual channel speeds, the duplicator can also achieve faster performance – up to 25GB/minute to all target devices simultaneously. Other enhancements include updated firmware to support next gen and future gen mechanisms.

Ideal use case
Any organization with a fleet of new laptops requiring new NVMe or M.2 drives with faster, or larger capacity storage drives can purchase this standalone M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator and begin duplicating right away. The IT department can load all applications, files, documents, and security policies onto a single laptop or workstation, then duplicate the drive to multiple NVMe drives – up to 11 at a time with the M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator for full distribution and installation to the entire organization.

The 11-Target M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator is for defense, DOD, government (state/federal) organizations, new companies or SMBs rolling out new NVMe drive technology and small, medium, large companies, businesses and enterprise.

Convert traditional SATA to NVMe
In addition, the KanguruClone 11 M.2 NVMe SSD duplicator is a solution for converting traditional SATA drives to NVMe. It comes with a complimentary adapter for duplicating SATA drives, and additional adapters may be purchased on company’s web site or any of firm’s authorized resellers.

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Advanced features:

    • Supports all standard PCIe M.2 NVMe SSDs and M.2 SATA form factor drives. Capacity and brand independent.

    • 7” full-color touch screen

    • Up to 25GB/min transfer rates to all target devices simultaneously

    • 1-year standard warranty: This system comes complete with a 1-year parts and 90-day labor warranty.

    • Clones any OSs: including Window, Linux, Mac and more.
    • 4Copy operations:
      • Full Copy – Sector for sector duplication
      • Brief Copy – Copies only sectors with data (compatible with most major file systems)
      • Resize Copy – Copies drives with different capacities
      • Image Copy – Restores the contents of an image file to the Target drives
  • Erase and disk wipe features (compliant with DoD 5220.22-M)
  • Detailed and downloadable system logs
  • Supports HPA (Host Protection Area) and DCO (Device Configuration Overlay)
  • Standalone system – no PC required

Package Contents

  • KanguruClone 11 M.2 NVMe SSD ProDuplicator
  • Power Cable
  • 1 SATA to M.2 NVMe adapter


Part number



12xPCIe M.2 M-keyed

SSD support


TAA compliance


Transfer rate

Up to 25GB/min

External connections

USB2.0 – For saving log files and updating firmware

Operating temperature


Relative humidity


Input device

7″ full-color touch screen






100-240V 60W