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Broadcom Swallowed Elastics.cloud

Silently giant picked CXL emerging player whose co-founder and CTO Shreyas Shah died from heart attack.

It’s not public or let say it’s not publicly visible but Broadcom, Inc., the IT connectivity giant firm, did a new move towards future server connectivity CXL. Nothing is written on respective website, no official press release or even blogs but George Apostol, CEO and co-founder of Elastics.cloud, Inc., shared below a sad news 5 days ago regarding his firm’s CTO and broke the acquisition news.

Regarding CXL, we all know this is one of the most promising IT technologies with several start-ups or established companies very active in the domain including Astera Labs, Enfabrica, IntelliProp, Marvell, Lightelligence, Panmnesia, Samsung and UnifabriX. Several of them will be at SC23 in a few weeks in Denver, CO, with their own booth and/or present at the CXL Consortium.