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Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform One Hybrid Cloud Approach to Storage

Providing simplified experience to consume and manage block, file, object, and mainframe data, with flexible consumption as appliance or software-defined across public cloud and on-premise

Addressing the critical challenges facing IT leaders, many of whom are striving to scale data and modernize applications across complex, distributed hybrid and multicloud infrastructure Hitachi Vantara LLC, subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced the transformation of its existing storage portfolio with the introduction of Virtual Storage Platform One a single hybrid cloud data platform.

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Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform One Scheme

Having a common data plane across structured and unstructured data in block, file, and object storage allows businesses to run different types of applications anywhere – on-premises and in the public cloud, without the complexities many are faced with today.

The strategic announcement of Virtual Storage Platform One comes at a critical time for organizations as generative AI, cloud, and the growth of enterprise data drive seismic shifts in operations and innovation. A recent report highlighted how data-intensive technologies and applications are exacerbating the already-strained infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments on which they run, with 6 in 10 business leaders already overwhelmed by the amount of data they store, and 75% concerned their current infrastructure will be unable to scale for the future. According to an Uptime Institute LLC data resiliency survey, 80% of data center managers and operators have experienced some type of outage in the past 3 years.

Virtual Storage Platform One represents a simplified approach to managing mission critical workloads at scale, delivering a unified architecture to efficiently manage these challenges by providing one control plane, data fabric, and data plane across block, file, object, cloud, mainframe, and SDS workloads – a data platform that will address all environments – and managed by a single AI-enabled software stack. By eliminating infrastructure, data, and application silos, it empowers businesses with a data foundation that enables them to consume the data they need, when and where they need it.

Virtual Storage Platform One marks a significant milestone with our infrastructure strategy. With a consistent data platform, we will provide businesses with the reliability and flexibility to manage their data across various storage environments without compromise,” said Dan McConnell, SVP, product management for storage and data infrastructure. “The design, development, and construction of Virtual Storage Platform One, with a focus on reliability, security, and sustainability, further enhances the impact for our customers.”

Our partnership with Hitachi Vantara has been instrumental in allowing us to help organizations optimize their cloud journeys and avoid costly pitfalls that hinder digital transformation success,” said Mauro Guzelotto, VP, cloud services, T-Systems North America. “Virtual Storage Platform One represents the next evolution of sustainable infrastructure, delivering reliability and simplicity at scale across diverse applications and data types.

Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform One Scheme2

With Virtual Storage Platform One, organizations can manage workloads and data resources, including:

  • Cloud self-service that enables users to rapidly consume advanced data services like replication at cloud-scale, without waiting for back-end manual work.
  • Intelligent workload management to optimize storage pools by assigning and rebalancing workloads as conditions change, without hands-on management.
  • Integrated copy data management to ensure global availability and superior fault tolerance without impacting performance using ireplication and synchronous active storage clusters.

By consolidating their entire storage portfolio into a singular, cohesive platform, Hitachi Vantara has achieved a transformative milestone, streamlining operations and fostering significant data accessibility for organizations grappling with the complexities of data management,” said Ashish Nadkarni, group VP and GM, infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies, IDC. “The significance of this rollout lies in the platform’s ability to offer a unified data plane, seamlessly spanning across block, file, object, mainframe, cloud, and SDS workloads.”

The introduction of Virtual Storage Platform One capabilities will begin in early 2024 with new file and public cloud offerings. Through 2024, additional capabilities will be introduced to expand support of customers’ workloads.

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