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Kyndryl and Portworx by Pure Storage BC Solutions

Kyndryl’s operational expertise in managing Portworx by Pure software-defined, end-to-end storage and data management platform, to ensure business stays in business

By Cyrus Niltchian, director, offering management, Kyndryl Inc., and Scott Dedman, AVP, global strategy and solutions, Pure Storage, Inc.

A disruption should not lead to a disaster of lost data or sales. With a business continuity plan and the right solutions, your business can remain viable and available.

Kyndryl And Portworx By Pure Storage Intro

Imagine you are online trying to place an order that you need delivered quickly…and there is a drop in connectivity. You scramble to reconnect and have your fingers crossed that your items are still in your cart. The screen refreshes and…it is all there. Your user experience is saved, and your order is placed.

Does this sound at all familiar to you? Has this ever happened to your customers? Sadly, it probably has for most people who rely on the Internet for personal or business needs. If it’s a personal loss, it’s inconvenient but manageable. If it is a business loss, it may be catastrophic.

The biggest risk to being a successful business isn’t just about sales. It’s not just about market share or share of wallet. The most important measure of a successful business today is its ability to maintain critical functions after a disruption or disaster. 

In this fast-paced business world, being out of touch or unable to operate, even for a few minutes, can prove costly. It is critical that a business be resilient to disruptions, be able to recover quickly and completely, but also have a contingency plan within their infrastructure to allow business to continue to operate. 

The last thing any business wants is to lose critical data in day-to-day operations or precious time when closing deals. It is one of the many reasons to leverage Kyndryls operational expertise in managing Portworx by Pure Storage, a software-defined, end-to-end storage and data management platform, to ensure your business stays in business.

Resiliency built in
What plans do you have in place to recover from a manmade or natural disaster? How quickly can your environment ‘bounce back’ and keep you in business? The answers to these questions may be the difference between being open for business or missing out.

Kyndryl’s know-how is in building and delivering next-gen infrastructure that works agnostically and is designed to deliver HA, performance, and security. It is created with applications, infrastructure, and storage technologies that alleviate the challenges of a cloud environment by enabling a single pane of glass for management and self service. Portworx by Pure Storage allows a business to recover the fully configured working environment, forgoing the need for multiple tools or isolating various environments. In fact, it provides 99.99% uptime and nondisruptive maintenance. When an issue does occur, your data recovers to another infrastructure seamlessly and allows your business to stay up and running without encountering data roadblocks or suffering undue risk. 

Cyber resilience
Kyndryl has a portfolio that leverages hybrid cloud solutions, business resiliency, and network services to help optimize your IT workloads. A cloud-native environment that can use Portworx by Pure Storage enables you to move data across multicloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures to avoid lock-in issues, high migration costs, and unintended risk exposure.

Kyndryl provides a fully integrated solution for:

  • Persistent storage
  • Data protection
  • DR
  • Data security
  • Cross-cloud and data migrations
  • Automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes

This allows you to focus on growing your business rather than recovering lost transactions or data. In addition, data protection and rapid recovery features increase the defenses needed to improve RTO and RPO in your business continuity plans. 

Stay up. Stay open. Stay in business.

Ensure good experience
As we mentioned before, a disruption in your business should not lead to a disaster of lost data or sales. Take steps now to implement a business continuity plan that provides you with the resiliency, security, and recovery capabilities your infrastructure needs to ensure you will remain viable and available. Kyndryl’s skills are in developing next-gen infrastructure that offers what you need: highly available performance and resilient security so you can grow your business. Don’t let a disruption today leave you with an empty cart tomorrow.