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Availability of Grax Lite for Free Salesforce Backup and Recovery

Solution that enables businesses to prevent data loss by safeguarding Salesforce data

Grax, Inc. announces the availability of Grax Lite for free Salesforce backup and recovery.

Graxlite Backup Intro

Grax Lite is a free solution that enables businesses to prevent data loss by safeguarding their Salesforce data.

It addresses a critical need in the SaaS data protection market by offering free backup software. In an era marked by escalating cyber threats and stringent compliance regulations, It arms businesses with a tool to shield their vital Salesforce data. Built on the principle of data ownership, it gives Salesforce users the power to take back that ownership and control of their vSalesforce data with a couple of clicks.

At Grax, we have always believed that data protection is an unassailable right,” said Joe Gaska, head, product. “With the launch of Grax Lite, we are breaking down barriers and providing businesses with the tools they need to secure their mission-critical Salesforce data so that they can focus on growing their business.”

Key capabilities of Grax Lite for Salesforce backup and recovery:

  • Backup and recovery: Simplifies the backup process allowing users to protect and easily restore their Salesforce data with just a couple of clicks.
  • 100% data ownership: Empowers users to retain full ownership of their data by enabling backups into the customer-owned storage service – AWS or Azure cloud storage environments.
  • Maintain digital chain of custody: Users retain full control over their data’s digital chain of custody – it runs entirely in the customer-owned cloud.
  • Unlimited backup storage: Eables users to capture all of their data into their cloud of choice, where users can leverage their existing cloud agreements.
  • Daily automated backups: Users gain peace of mind with automated incremental backups of Salesforce data, including files and attachments, ensuring no critical information is lost.
  • Granular control: Swiftly restore individual records, making it simple to bring back data quickly when you need it.
  • User-friendly interface: The user-centric design of Grax ensures that any user can navigate and deploy free Salesforce data protection from the company’s platform with ease.

Grax Lite is a testament to firm’s solution commitment to data sovereignty and data governance. By providing a free and user-friendly solution for Salesforce backup and recovery, it empowers organizations to take back ownership of their data assets, create a backup strategy, and focus on driving business growth.

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