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Nasuni Assigned Patent

Restoring interface to global file system

Nasuni Corporation, Boston, MA, has been assigned a patent (11726967) developed by Lacasse, Christopher S., North Grafton, MA, Baughman, Kevin William, Natick, MA, Mason, Robert, Uxbridge, MA, McDonald, Matthew M., Burlington, MA, Shaw, David M., Newton, MA, and Vincent, Jon, Tyngsboro, MA, for systems and methods for restoring an interface to a global file system.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “A versioned file storage system (VFS) and method for operating and using the same is disclosed. In an aspect, a mechanism is provided wherein a first VFS interface unit coupling the VFS to a local data storage system is replaced with a second VFS interface unit in a coordinated procedure for taking the first unit offline, making a reliable snapshot of its data and cache structure in the VFS, and loading the same data and cache structure into the second VFS interface brought online. The first and second VFS interfaces transfer the necessary data to achieve the switch through respective side-loading daemons running in each interface. Clients in the local data storage system experience minimal interruption of services in the VFS.

The patent application was filed on 2021-01-11 (17/146020).