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Druva Security Posture and Observability and Accelerated Ransomware Recovery Cyber Resiliency Offerings for MSPs

Ransomware response and recovery capabilities to fortify clients' data vs. malicious attacks, ensuring rapid response and guaranteed recovery

Druva, Inc. announced the availability of its cyber resiliency offerings for MSPs globally.

Security Posture and Observability (SP&O)
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Druva Security Posture And Observability1

The Security Posture and Observability (SP&O) and Accelerated Ransomware Recovery (ARR) solutions enable company’s MSP partners to harness ransomware response and recovery capabilities to fortify their clients’ data vs. malicious attacks, ensuring rapid response and guaranteed recovery.

Since its introduction in 2021, the firm’s MSP program has gained traction and MSP customer expansion. The company’s SaaS approach frees MSPs from the operational complexity of managing hardware and software, and allows them to focus on what matters the most – customer outcomes. Driven by this simplicity, The MSP program has grown by nearly 300% annually.

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Druva Accelerated Ransomware Recovery

Through this latest expansion to its MSP program, the firm now enables MSPs to protect their customers from the ever-present threat of ransomware and cyber-attacks. MSPs can now rapidly respond to threats quickly through the company’s continuous monitoring and centralized view of the security posture and data risks of their customers. Integrations with SIEM and SOAR platforms further enhance the speed and scale of response and recovery actions.

At Druva we recognize that cyber threats are not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’ Our new cyber resiliency offering for MSPs is a game-changer for safeguarding their clients’ businesses,” said Mike Houghton, SVP, WW partners and alliances. “It’s not just about recovering from attacks; it’s about a foundation of protection and data insights that allow IT and security stakeholders to continuously improve their readiness, response, and recovery capabilities. We’re not only fortifying businesses against cyber risks, but also enabling them to emerge stronger and more resilient.

SP&O security command center screenshot
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Druva Solutions Spo Security Command Center

Today’s expansion makes it possible for MSPs and MSSPs to offer cyber resilience and recovery services as an add-on to their core data protection services. These cyber resiliency add-ons open up new revenue opportunities for MSPs while meeting critical security needs of their customers, all with the simplicity of SaaS powered by the vendor.

Ransomware visibility into unusual activity screenshot
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Druva Ransomware Visibility Into Unusual Activity

At BrightSolid, we offer a cyber-security solution that includes the creation of a defined incident response plan,” said Andy Sinclair, CTO, BrightSolid. “The pillars of our plan include identifying the issue or incident and ensuring we can remediate whatever that issue is. A large part of that remediation is the assurance that we can restore our customers’ backups from a secure, immutable source. When fast recovery and restore is critical, Druva, with its immutable backups, is our choice.”

When developing our comprehensive security playbook, we sought a Data Resiliency partner solution to serve all our customers, regardless of size,” said Adam Brock, Sr. director, backup and recovery, Path Forward IT. “We accomplished that with Druva’s technology, quick backups, quick restore, true disaster cyber-resiliency, and recovery capabilities without the physical imprint at their data center, all while managing our clients remotely.”

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