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Availability of Commvault Platform Release 2023E to Bolster Secure Data Protection Across Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

With data protection and security capabilities

Commvault Systems, Inc. announced the availability of its Platform Release 2023E which bolsters secure data protection across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Commvault R2023e

In a landscape increasingly threatened by ransomware attacks, it is imperative for IT and security professionals to shield and secure their backup infrastructure from malicious attacks,” said Rajiv Kottomtharayil, CPO. “We’re tackling this head-on by enabling customers to preemptively detect threats to their backups to reduce the potential impact and expedite recovery in the event of a compromise.”

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For starters, the company’s edge Threat Scan offering provides proactive threat detection aimed at ensuring the cleanliness, safety, and recoverability of backup data. It  is designed to thwart reinfections during recovery, and also to isolate threats for analysis and empowers users to promptly retrieve trusted copies of their data.

Commvault R2023e 3

Next, the firm has also strengthened its integration with Microsoft Sentinel and Palo Alto XSOAR to accelerate incident response times and refine its orchestration through automation and holistic insights. These integrations are critical as IT and security responsibilities continue to blur.

The company is also offering SaaS customers a unique, unified vantage point. The firm’s Cloud Command, a single, user-friendly interface, empowers users with real-time insights, cohesive dashboards, and actionable insights to quickly and effectively respond to threats.

Lastly, the company enhanced its integration with Dell PowerProtect DD, which enables joint customers to use Commvault’s native compression, de-dupe, and replication processes to streamline data management operations and optimize their overall efficiency.

These offerings and capabilities are available.

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