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Overland-Tandberg NEOxl 40 Series Tape Library Expansion Up to 28.8PB Storage and 640 LTO-9 Cartridge Slots

Supports for up to 15 expansion modules, existing installations can be upgraded to same level with 48U spooling kit and firmware upgrade.

Overland-Tandberg announced the expansion of its NEOxl 40 series tape library, increasing the maximum number of supported expansion modules from 6 to 15, for a total storage capacity of up to 28.8PB and 640 LTO cartridge slots.

Neo Xl40 Top Front

The NEOxl 40 is the compact and scalable backup and archiving solution for midrange and enterprise organizations. It provides effortless, automated data protection that combines flexibility, density, performance, and affordability.

Neo Xl40 Expansion 48u Front Right Halfsize

With support for up to 15 expansion modules and for up to 640 cartridge slots, the NEOxl 40 is more customizable to meet any need and is for organizations that want to protect their data, intelligently, easily, and cost-effectively.

All NEOxl 40 libraries shipping can be equipped with the up to 15 expansion modules. Existing installations can be upgraded to the same level with a 48U spooling kit and firmware upgrade.

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Overland Tandberg Neo Xl Tape Library Spectabl