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Sharge Disk M.2 NVMe Up to 2TB Portable SSD USB-C Enclosure from Sharge Technology

Including 13,000rpm active cooling fan

Sharge Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. launched its latest Sharge Disk, an M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure.

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It will be a companion for Steam Deck or ROG Ally players, video creators, photographers, or commuters.

Sharge Disk is available on Kickstarter. In a week, it acquired 2,500 backers and reached over $250,000 in total crowdfunding.


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Sharge Disk is the size of 2 coke bottle caps, so it fits it into the pocket.

10Gb/s speed
It provides 10Gb/s transfer speed. Tested with the WD SN740 SSD and the combined benchmark RW performance were 950MB/s and 894MB/s respectively.

Active heat dissipation. Cooling down your SSD by over 20°C
Sharge Disk comes with a 13,000rpm active cooling fan to keep the SSD at optimal temperature for large files read-and-write, without stalling due to overheating.

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After a 5-time read-and-write test on a mixed file of 64GB and a RW test on a mixed file of 100GB consecutively, the SSD temperature inside Sharge Disk remained around 48°C, 36% cooler than the other SSDs after the same test.

The fan noise on it is also optimized to under 28dB – it is barely heard under normal conditions.

Cable-free connection to your devices
This device comes with a male USB-C port to connect devices without data cables. When working with DSLR cameras or playing with portable gaming consoles, it keeps steady without wobbling or interference in operation.

In addition to the Steam Deck, ROG Ally and DSLR, it can also be used for smartphones, PC, PS5, XBox, etc. Sharge Disk helps transfer files between devices.

Write protection
Connecting to a public computer may expose the SSD to viruses and jeopardize the files inside. To protect the files, write protection is added on Sharge Disk. With the write protection switch on, no one can modify or delete files from Sharge Disk, thus avoiding viruses, accidental deletion, illegal tampering, etc.

Reliable and user-friendly
With outdoor scenarios considered, a silicone case is designed for Sharge Disk to handle a 2-meter drop and offers IP54 water resistance to protect precious data. With a simple push, it is easy to assemble SSD in the Sharge Disk. Just tool-free.

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Sharge Disk Spectabl

About Sharge Technology:
Founded in 2020, it is an innovator in the power supply industry. With advanced technology, design, and supplier partnership, its products today are recognized globally with user satisfaction reaching over 98%, making the company the leader of high-end GaN products in sales in China in just a year. In the future, the firm will keep dedicated to personal and outdoor power solutions, high-power fast-charging technology, and other high-quality advanced tech products, aiming to become a pioneer on the road to carbon neutrality.