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Ctera Ransom Protect Integrated Zero-Day Ransomware Protection

Provides AI-powered early detection and instant recovery.

Ctera Networks, Inc. unveiled Ransom Protect, a homegrown AI-power cyber protection engine natively integrated into its global file system.

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Using activity sensors built into the file system that are feeding a ML algorithm trained on an extensive dataset of attack flows, Ransom Protect is able to detect and block attacks within seconds and provides tools for immediate mitigation and instant recovery.

Ransomware attacks are an escalating security concern for organizations WW, causing billions of dollars in financial and reputational damages annually. Recent market studies indicate that a staggering 85% of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack in the past year alone, underlining the critical need for a robust, proactive defense mechanism.

Counting on endpoint protection to prevent ransomware is a futile hope, as it takes a single compromised device to bring down an entire datacenter,” said Oded Nagel, CEO. “To provide real protection, organizations need to concentrate their defense around their file storage and backup systems, which are the primary target of any attacker. By integrating this capability into our file system, we are providing integrated cyber resilient storage without relying on any 3rd-party products and without impacting performance.

Key features of Ransom Protect include:

  • Real-time AI detection: ML algorithms identify behavioral anomalies suggesting fraudulent file activity, and block offending users within seconds.
  • Zero-Day protection: does not rely on traditional signature update services.
  • Incident management: administrator dashboard enabling real-time attack monitoring, comprehensive incident evidence logging and post-attack forensics.
  • Instant recovery: near-instant recovery of any affected files from snapshots are securely stored in an air-gapped, immutable cloud object storage effectively thwarting any manipulation attempts by malicious actors.
  • One-click deployment: single-click feature activation on Ctera Edge Filers with latest version release.

We notice that Ctera has gradually implemented a comprehensive range of ransomware protection mechanisms that prevent operational disruptions, downtime, and data loss,” said Arjan Timmerman, analyst, GigaOm and Max Mortillaro, analyst, GigaOm. “Ctera also continues to fortify its position in cybersecurity, equipping organizations with sophisticated tools to protect their valuable assets in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

Ransom Protect will be available for all Ctera Edge Filer customers in July.

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