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51st Edition of IT Press Tour in Berlin, Germany

With Croit, Cuno, Insurgo, SimplyBlock, Tuxera and Yuzuy

The IT Press Tour, a media event launched in June 2010, announced participating companies for the 51st edition organized on June 27-28 in Berlin, Germany.

This new edition in Europe will be dedicated to IT infrastructure, data management and storage, and will be the opportunity to meet 6 European companies: CroitSimplyBlock and Yuzuy from Germany, Insurgo from Wales, Cuno, a brand of PetaGene, from UK and Tuxera from Finland.

“We just finished the 50th edition in US a few weeks ago and we jump into the 51st in Europe in Berlin. It’s a real pleasure to organize a new edition in Europe and meet European companies. We’ll meet 6 new companies for this tour Croit, Cuno, Insurgo, SimplyBlock, Tuxera and Yuzuy. We continue to raise the bar, accelerating on our role to discover and promote European players and technologies. It means also that we approach 300 distinct companies and pass the barrier of 500 sessions organized since the really first edition in June 2010,” said Philippe Nicolas, creator of The IT Press Tour.