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VeeamON 2023: IDrive e2 Unveils On-Premise S3 Compatible Object Storage Up to 176TB 2U Rackmount Device

Appliance will enable users to simplify ability to manage, store, and protect data while allowing S3/HTTP access to any application, device, or end-user.

IDrive e2 announced the release of on-premise object storage appliance at VeeamON 2023, the community event for DR experts, taking place online May 22-24 and in person in Miami, FL.

Idrive E2 Launches An On Premise S3 Compatible Object Storage Device Appliance

The company’s on-premise appliance will enable users to simplify the ability to manage, store, and protect data while allowing S3/HTTP access to any application, device, or end-user.

When used in on-premise, private cloud, and hybrid cloud environments, the appliance ensures the scaling datasets are continuously protected and instantly accessible. It eliminates tedious storage management and reduces the TCO.

Features of IDrive e2 on-premise appliance include:

  • AWS S3 API compatibility – 100% compatible with AWS S3 APIs, making it an iaddition to any multi-cloud strategy or as a drop-in replacement for local or cloud-based storage requirements.
  • High-performance enterprise object storage – GB/s throughput and low latency, plus extensive enterprise-class capabilities.
  • Quick and easy deployment – anyone can launch the e2 appliance deployment with no Linux experience and no deep storage administration expertise
  • Dashboard – user interface provides monitoring of data, storage, platform and hardware.
  • Data protection and hardware failure : Data protection is essential in any enterprise environment because hardware failure, specifically drive failure, is common. The firm’s appliance built with erasure coding technique to protect objects vs. data loss in the event that multiple drives fail.
  • Object lock – enhances the security of the data in cloud object storage by making them immutable. No one can delete, alter, or overwrite the files or objects that are designated as immutable until the end of the retention period.
  • Ransomware protection – protect vs. data loss from malware with file lock, versioning, and data retention

On-premise appliance is also for following markets:

  • Edge applications – IDrive e2 appliance is for the edge applications where they expect low latency for the data storage and access.
  • M&E – a content-focused platform enabling secure file distribution, access and tape replacement.
  • HPC – appliance can streamline the collaboration and accelerates time to discovery.
  • Government – Safeguard data, ensure data integrity, and meet compliance requirements.

Available in a rack mount 2U server with 3 storage options including 48, 96, 144 and 176TB. Pricing is available upon request.

IDrive will be at VeeamON 2023 in Miami – Come see how IDrive e2 S3 Compatible Object Storage can help secure your data and save you money

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