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Amera IOT Assigned Patent

Secure private key storage on IoT device

Amera IOT Inc., Dallas, TX, has been assigned a patent (11637698) developed by Daly, Christopher J., Dallas, TX, for method and apparatus for secure private key storage on iot device.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “An apparatus is disclosed for storing a private key on an IoT device for encrypted communication with an external user device and includes a proximity-based communication interface, encryption circuitry and IoT functional circuitry. The encryption circuitry includes a memory having a dedicated memory location allocated for storage of encryption keys utilized in the encrypting/decrypting operations, an encryption engine for performing the encryption/decryption operation with at least one of the stored encryption keys in association with the operation of the IoT functional circuitry, an input/output interface for interfacing with the proximity-based communication interface to allow information to be exchanged with a user device in a dedicated private key transfer operation, an internal system interface for interfacing with the IoT functional circuitry for transfer of information therebetween, memory control circuitry for controlling storage of a received private key from the input/output interface for storage in the dedicated memory location in the memory, in a Write-only memory storage operation relative to the private key received from the input/output interface over the proximity-based communication interface, the memory control circuitry inhibiting any Read operation of the dedicated memory location in the memory through the input/output interface. The IoT functional circuitry includes a controller for controlling the operation of the input/output interface and the memory control circuitry in a private key transfer operation to interface with the external user device to control the encryption circuitry for transfer of a private key from the user device through the proximity-based communication interface for storage in the dedicated memory location in the memory, the controller interfacing with the encryption circuitry via the internal system interface, and operational circuitry for interfacing with the user device over a peer to peer communication link and encrypting/decrypting information therebetween with the encryption engine in the encryption circuitry.

The patent application was filed on 2022-02-21 (17/676678).