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2001 WW Storage Industry Ranking

EMC ≠1 ahead of Seagate, Maxtor moved to ≠3

Two figures give a good indication of the awful 2001 year just suffered by the WW storage market.

The first is 51%, or more than half of the 70 companies listed below that finished their fiscal year during calendar year 2001, saw their annual sales drop, compared to only 22% a year ago.

Worse yet is 69%, the number that posted yearly net loss, compared to 48% last year. Despite a 20% drop in revenues, EMC maintains its number one position ahead of Seagate. Maxtor moved to number three, thanks to its acquisition of Quantum’s HOD business.

Those that enjoyed the strongest sales growth, apart from FalconStor, which started at almost zero, were: Alanco (+225%), Finisar (+181%), StorageNetworks (+156%) and Oak (+104%). The steepest declines: Dot Hill (-54%), M-Systems (-52%), Interphase (-48%), SST (-40%).

Highest net income: Quantum ($167.4 million). Biggest loss: LSI Logic ($992.1 million).

FY201 was a veritable calamity for the flash market. Combining the figures of Lexar Media, M-Systems, San Disk and SST, all in this niche, we arrive at a 38% drop in sales, with losses of nearly $375 million.

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