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Continuity Centers Launches Cloud Instant Business Recovery

Built on Backblaze B2 cloud storage

Backblaze, Inc. shared news of a new DR service built on the B2 Cloud Storage: Continuity Centers‘ Cloud Instant Business Recovery (Cloud IBR) which instantly recovers Veeam backups from the Backblaze B2 Storage Cloud.

Continuity Centers Cloud Instant Business Recovery


Instant Business Recovery follows Backblaze’s Instant Recovery in Any Cloud, launched in May 2022. Building on the original Infrastructure as Code (IaC) package, Cloud IBR is the second gen solution that further simplifies DR plans. The easy to use interface and affordability make Cloud IBR a DR solution designed for SMBs who are typically priced out of effective DR solutions. Additionally, Continuity Centers combines the automation-driven Veeam REST API calls with phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud platform into a unified system, to completely streamline the user experience.

The fully-automated service deploys a recovery process through a simple web UI, and in the background, uses phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud servers to import Veeam backups stored in B2 Cloud Storage, and fully restores the customer’s server infrastructure. The solution hides the complexity of dealing with automation scripts and APIs and offers a simple interface to stand up an entire cloud infrastructure when you need it, paying only for the duration you need it for.-

Cloud IBR gives small and mid-market companies the highest level of BC available, vs. disasters of all types. It’s a simple and accessible solution for SMBs to embrace,” said Gregory Tellone, CEO, Continuity Centers. “We developed this solution with affordability and availability in mind, so that businesses of all sizes can benefit from our decades of DR experience, which is often financially out of reach for the SMB.

Previously, mid-market businesses were underserved by DR and BC planning because the requirements and efforts are often foregone due to more immediate business demands. Additionally, many DR solutions are designed for larger size companies and do not meet the specific needs for SMBs. Cloud IBR allows businesses of all sizes to instantly stand up their entire server infrastructure in the cloud, at a moment’s notice with a single click, making it easy to plan for and easy to execute.

Additionally, the Cloud IBR Silver Package will be offered at no cost for one year to any Veeam customers that purchase Backblaze’s B2 Reserve. Those customers can activate Cloud IBR within 30 days of purchasing Backblaze’s B2 Reserve service.

Launching Cloud IBR is taking our technology a step further in making DR from ransomware more accessible to small and mid-size businesses at a time when it’s needed more than ever,” said Nilay Patel, co-founder and VP sales, Backblaze. “We are excited to work with a DR specialist like Continuity Centers to bring a simple and affordable DR solution to businesses who need it the most.

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