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NEC Platforms Assigned Patent

Disk array device, control method, and control program

NEC Platforms Ltd., Kanagawa, Japan, has been assigned a patent (11635909) developed by Nakashima, Toshitaka, Kanagawa, Japan, for disk array device, control method for disk array device, and control program for disk array device.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: “A control method includes: converting a first write command received from a host to a second write command for each SSD belonging to an active pool, holding, with respect to the SSD, an end address of data written in the immediately prior second write command, and holding a discontinuity count, which is the number of times the end address and the write address for the newest second write command are discontinuous, and when the discontinuity count for a first SSD among the SSDs belonging to the active pool exceeds an upper limit value, copying a plurality of data, for all of the data held by the first SSD, to a region to which the write address is continuous in a second SSD that belongs to a standby pool and is initialized, deleting the first SSD from the active pool, and adding the second SSD to the active pool.

The patent application was filed on 2019-02-20 (16/963705).