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Myota and SōtirIS Partner

To offer ransomware protection through secure storage

Myota, Inc., data protection platform provider, has partnered with services firm SōtirIS Information Strategies, which specializes in delivering IT operations as-a-service.

SōtirIS is the first MSSP to offer a 100% managed data durability platform that provides ransomware protection, encryption, point-in-time backup, and recovery as a service.

Gabriel Gumbs, CPO, Myota, expressed: “We’re thrilled to partner with SōtirIS and offer our industry-leading bucketZero platform to their clients. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, businesses need a comprehensive solution that protects their data and keeps their operations running smoothly. Our patented zero-trust solution provides just that, and we look forward to working with SōtirIS to help businesses achieve their technology goals.

Mark Wilson, CEO of SōtirIS, stated their clients rely on them to deliver technologies that help them achieve their business objectives. With the addition of Myota’s bucketZero platform to their offerings, the firm can provide clients with a complete cyberstorage solution that protects vs. ransomware and cyber threats.

SōtirIS delivers best practices and technologies to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency. Its team has over 100 years of combined professional experience and have bridged the gap between technology solutions and business pain points for over 40 years.

We are confident that our partnership with SōtirIS will provide businesses with comprehensive cyberstorage solutions they need to protect their data and operations,” said Gumbs. “Together, we can provide a comprehensive solution that ensures businesses never experience the damaging effects of data loss from ransomware again.