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50th Edition of IT Press Tour Back in Colorado and California

With Arcitecta, DDN, MinIO, Nyriad, Phison, Qumulo, Spectra Logic, Versity and Volumez

The IT Press Tour, a media event launched in June 2010, announced participating companies for the 50th edition scheduled the week of June 5 in Colorado and California.

Nine companies will participate to this new edition dedicated to IT infrastructure, data management and storage: Arcitecta, DDN, MinIO, Nyriad, Phison, Qumulo, Spectra Logic, Versity and Volumez.

“The coming IT Press Tour marks a key milestone as it will be the 50th edition and confirms the unique role of this media event in the industry thanks to the massive adoption by vendors and key journalists in our domain. We’ll beat new records with 283 companies, 497 sessions and number of articles touching 22,500 soon. We’ll meet companies we know and follow for several years and more recent ones and new comers with the tour like Nyriad, Phison and Volumez,” said Philippe Nicolas, creator of The IT Press Tour.

Quotes from participating companies:

  • Jason Lohrey, CEO and founder, Arcitecta
    What a great opportunity to speak to leading European influencers during the coming IT Press Tour. We look forward to introducing Arcitecta and our revolutionary data management solutions that ensure data is securely yet easily accessed in a collaborative environment. Our solutions are ideal for distributed computing and storage environments and support any type of data – structured or unstructured, and unlimited data workflows in the world’s most demanding environments.”

  • Dr. James Coomer, VP of Product, DDN
    “As the influx of AI applications continues, especially with the interest in generative AI, and data sets become increasingly complex, it is critically important to ensure data becomes actionable as quickly and efficiently as possible. By engaging with the journalists on the IT Press Tour, we can discuss how optimizing the storage and movement of data can accelerate business opportunities and improve datacenter efficiency.”

  • AB Periasamy, CEO and co-founder, MinIO
    “Modern object storage is essential to the success of Kubernetes because it provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for storing the large volumes of unstructured data generated by modern containerized applications. Object storage provides Kubernetes users with advanced data management features like replication, versioning, and encryption enabling the enterprise to efficiently manage their data at scale, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. We look forward to talking to the IT Press Tour team about the role of Kubernetes storage and what the future looks like for at-scale architectures.”

  • Derek Dicker, CEO, Nyriad
    “We look forward to the unique opportunity to speak with so many of the leading voices from across Europe during the upcoming IT Press Tour about how Nyriad storage delivers exceptional performance, resilience, and efficiency, at a low total cost of ownership – providing the ideal solution for demanding workloads such as those found in media and entertainment, video surveillance, backup and recovery, high-performance computing (HPC), and active archiving.”

  • Michael Wu, GM & President, Phison Technology Inc.
    “A flash innovation leader for more than 20 years, Phison is excited to welcome the IT Press Tour – itself an enterprise technology institution – and introduce the Phison IMAGIN+ enterprise flash platform. Leading OEM, ODM, and high-tech manufacturers rely on Phison to deliver design-in, high-density and -bandwidth flash solutions with the industry’s lowest power footprint at accelerated, R&D-driven time-to-market. The Phison IMAGIN+ platform keeps enterprise data strategically engaged, results-focused, and more sustainably scalable across the AI Era’s rapidly transforming digital landscape, and we look forward to sharing more with the always insightful ITPT team.”

  • Ryan Farris, VP of Product, Qumulo
    “Today’s enterprises are grappling with an overwhelming amount of unstructured data that is dispersed from the core to the edge and the cloud. They need a simple, powerful storage solution for unstructured data that can scale anywhere. We look forward to engaging with leading tech journalists of the IT Press Tour about Qumulo’s software-defined storage platform that has been named a five-time leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage and four-time leader in the Coldago Map for File Storage.”

  • Nathan Thompson, CEO and founder, Spectra Logic
    “As organizations consider how they utilize the cloud for backup and archive, a hybrid strategy is emerging as the most cost-effective, secure, and efficient solution. This is Spectra’s 2nd IT Press Tour, and we’re excited to share our unique approach to delivering digital archiving as well as on-prem Glacier storage. By creating a secure and affordable on-prem storage infrastructure, compatible with Standard S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier, users can easily accomplish the promise of hybrid storage.”

  • Bruce Gilpin, CEO and co-founder, Versity​
    “Versity is leading a consolidation and modernization of the mass storage and large archive software market by eliminating complexity, improving scalability, and enhancing performance of large archival storage systems. We are providing customers with a modern alternative to traditionally limited HSM style storage solutions. We are very excited to participate in the IT Press Tour early June to show this knowledgeable group of analysts what our technology can do for customers, and how Versity will continue to disrupt the big technology vendors in the global mass storage market.”

  • Amir Faintuch, CEO, Volumez
    “Today and tomorrow’s modern cloud workloads have outgrown traditional storage controller-based architectures. At the upcoming IT Press Tour, we are excited to share with leading tech journalists how our composable data infrastructure eliminates storage controllers and dramatically accelerates the performance, scalability, and resilience of modern cloud workloads. As the cloud landscape continues to evolve, we are eager to engage in insightful discussions with industry thought leaders on the challenges and opportunities of providing customers with faster and more effortless access to larger amounts of data.”