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One Stop Systems Wins $3.5 Million US Air Force Program Over Next 3 Years

For AI transportable storage servers

One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS) has received an initial order from a military prime contractor for OSS 3U short-depth servers (SDS) for use by a US Air Force anti-electronic warfare system.

Oss Us Army

It has already commenced shipments under an initial purchase order. This program is the company’s first with this prime contractor. It is valued at approximately $3.5 million over the next 3 years and has opened up additional opportunities for OSS AI Transportable solutions.

The servers feature proprietary OSS Gen 4 PCIe NVMe controllers, OSS transportable hot-swap drive canisters, and NVMe SSDs that support government encryption standards. The servers are expected to serve as a head storage node for data collection located at US Air Force ground stations that house military aircraft. They will be capable of recording large volumes of simulation data and deliver it at high speeds with low latency to data scientists on the network.

The several key differentiators that secured this initial Air Force order include our uniquely flexible SDS design for rack mount installations and our proprietary firmware that enables PCIe support for multiple high-speed devices, like NVMe U.2 storage and compute accelerators,” noted OSS CEO, David Raun. “Our transportable hot-swap SSD drive canisters set a high standard for ruggedness, flexibility and practicality, which is why they have become highly desirable for US military use across multiple air, sea and ground AI transportable applications.

OSS SDS storage systems are scalable and can support up to 9 racks of simulation equipment, with their dual hot-swap, high-capacity 490TB OSS drive canisters providing quick and easy data transport.

We see this initial design win through a new prime contractor partner leading to other storage accelerator orders,” added Raun. “For instance, we believe similarly configured OSS SDSs could serve areas of the deployment that requires compute accelerators and data acquisition.

The win was enabled by OSS becoming AS9100 certified last year, which is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. The certification allows the vendor to work with the quality control departments at military prime and commercial aerospace contractors, and to be selected for programs that require this higher level of qualification.

This latest win follows the company’s recently announced sole source, 5-year contract extension to provide the US Navy ruggedized transportable NVMe storage arrays and related supplies. The firm is also currently working with multiple prime military contractors on other US Air Force programs.

The OSS SDS-3U-4i Gen 4 solution is also available for commercial use and can be ordered from the storage company.

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