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Automate Show: Cervoz Showcasing SSD Industrial Storage, Memory, and Expansion Solutions

Including NVMe Gen4x4 SSD T441, M.2 2242/2280 and 2.5" SSDs, Powerguard SSD, DDR5 5600 DIMM/SO-DIMM, and PoE+ PCIe Ethernet expansion card

Cervoz Technology Co., Ltd., provider of industrial memory and storage solutions, sets its sights on the anticipated Automate Show 2023 in Detroit, MI, from May 22 to 25.

Cervoz 2023 Automate 2305

The company will unveil its latest technologies and products designed to cater to the demands of the automation industry.

As a provider of industrial-grade SSDs and DRAM, the firm is eager to connect with industry providers and visionaries in robotics, machine vision, and motion control.

At booth, the company will demo its practical solutions in embedded systems, industrial automation, and power loss protection technology with its industrial-grade SSDs. It will also showcase its latest memory and storage products that align with these solutions.

Embedded solutions: industrial-grade SSDs designed for reliability and performance in extreme environments

Cervoz Ssd 1 2305

Under the Embedded Solutions, the firm will showcase its range of industrial-grade SSDs that cater to the needs of the automation industry. The products under this category include its latest NVMe Gen4x4 SSD (T441) and industrial SSDs in various form factors, including M.2 (2242, 2280) and 2.5″ with capacities up to 2TB, designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges, shock and vibration, and other harsh environmental conditions. These SSDs are built for reliability and performance and are suitable for AIoT applications that require higher speeds and more computing power to transfer high-quality data.

Industrial automation: industrial DRAM modules and expansion cards for high-performance computing and connectivity

Cervoz Ddr5 2305

The company’s Industrial Automation solutions include industrial DRAM modules and industrial expansion cards, which provide stability and reliability. The DDR5 5600 DIMM/SO-DIMM offers faster data transfer rates and lower power consumption. Additionally, the PoE+ PCIe Ethernet expansion card is designed to provide high-speed connectivity and power delivery to network devices and cameras, making it for factory automation fields.

Power loss protection technology: ensuring data security and reliability during unexpected events

Cervoz T436 Powerguard 2305

The firm‘s Power Loss Protection technology ensures data security and reliability during unexpected events. It is a crucial feature in its SSDs, and the company will showcase its latest Powerguard SSD serials that offer enhanced data security and reliability.

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