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IBM Storage Networking SAN24B-6

Offers additional FlashSystem value bundle features.

IBM Storage Networking SAN24B-6 offers additional IBM FlashSystem value bundle features

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace and businesses are demanding more from their IT resources and infrastructure. Rapid adoption of flash storage and the rise of NVMe-based storage unleash advancements in application design that drive new levels of performance and capacity requirements, such as advanced analytics, business intelligence, and data-intensive workloads. With the integration of technologies that are accelerating the delivery of data and services, the network needs to evolve to keep pace with innovations in storage and the demands of modern applications to maximize the full value of investments in the next-gen data center infrastructures.

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To meet the demand for faster, more reliable data access, it is essential for organizations to deploy a modernized infrastructure that reduces latency, increases bandwidth, and ensures continuous availability. Unprecedented performance is not enough on its own, and IBM SAN b-type products are designed to meet the needs of the business infrastructure. Analytics and automation capabilities are required to transform current storage networks into an autonomous SAN. This requires a network that is able to deliver these capabilities to maximize performance, simplify management, and reduce operational costs.

Feature exchange: None

Key requirements: Storage Networking b-type SAN switch and director family supports FC connectivity for servers and storage. Storage Networking SAN24B-6 (8969-F24) requires Fabric OS level 9.0.1c, or later.

Specific details about supported OS releases are available at the IBM Storage Networking (SAN) b-type family website.

Planned availability date: April 28, 2023

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