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EV Group in Austria Selects Pure Storage

And reduced storage management and maintenance time by 90% and energy consumption by 85%.

Pure Storage, Inc. announced that EV Group (EVG), a provider of production systems and process solutions for wafer processing in the semiconductor industry, microsystems technology and nanotechnology, has selected the its portfolio – including Pure Storage FlashArray, Evergreen//Forever and Pure1 – to bring new solutions to market faster and compete on a global scale.

Ev Group In Austria Selects Pure Storage

Customer challenge
Since its inception in 1980, EVG has been dedicated to the development of manufacturing systems for high-volume production. It has shaped the industry by working with nearly every major semiconductor and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) manufacturer.

With increasing demand for semiconductor technologies, it recognized the need to bring new, differentiated solutions to market faster. The aim is to achieve continuous growth and a leading position in the industry.

To support its storage infrastructure efforts, the company turned to Pure Storage, enabling the end user to provide greater capacity to handle growing data volumes, scale storage on demand, increase overall data performance and security, and reduce maintenance. A reduction in power consumption also offers protection vs. rising energy costs.

Customer impact
Implementing these solutions has enabled EVG to continue to drive global growth and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with a flexible, scalable storage infrastructure.

Benefits that Pure Storage offers to EVG include: 

  • Increased Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: FlashArray uses only 15% of the energy compared to traditional storage, which is critical in an era of skyrocketing electricity costs. In addition to minimizing downtime, Evergreen//Forever subscription also minimizes e-waste, promoting sustainability in EVG’s IT environments.
  • Intuitive Storage Management: Pure1, Pure Storage’s AI-driven management platform, is a powerful and simple tool that helps EVG manage its storage infrastructure. It reduces administrative time and allows EVG to focus on competitive new projects. Pure Storage supports 900 VMs with higher performance. The time required for operation, maintenance and upgrades has been reduced by 90%.
  • Integrated Data Protection: Due to the nature of EVG’s business, customers often pass on sensitive data when installing new machines. EVG implemented Pure Storage SafeMode Snapshots to ensure that this data is protected from theft or deletion and is always available.

Pure Storage provides EVG with a strong base to develop and implement new and innovative technologies such as containers and AI that support our competitive differentiation in the market. Containers make it more efficient to develop the software essential to our semiconductor production machines, while AI drives the development of intelligent solutions from deployment to security. Overall, Pure Storage makes our entire storage infrastructure easy to manage while enabling unrivaled security, energy efficiency and scalability. This ultimately frees up resources so we can focus on our core business goals and growth,” said Josef Buttinger, corporate IT and security manager, EV Group.

EVG is a leader in the semiconductor market and required an energy-efficient and future-oriented storage solution to drive innovation. Our solution supports this need and enables the company to realize future ambitions in terms of new technologies to improve processes and safety and bring new products to market faster. Sustainability has also played a major role in our mutual success. We have helped EVG reduce its energy consumption significantly,” said Begona Jara, regional VP Germany and Austria, Pure.

Case study: EVG Drives Innovation with Pure Storage

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